Today, I am going to share with you an amazing information about blogging, which can help you to drive ton of traffic to your blog, that is sure because this is my personally experienced about two years ago, it that time I did not have domain name, I was not pretty sure about blogging, most common question, I usually ask to myself, every time in that year(2011), i.e. is blogging good for me.

Now I realise the power of blogging, but still long way to go!

Okay lets back to the information based story.

Probably you know about that day, it was 9th July 2011, when Facebook introduced Faster Way to Send Message.


Here is the blog post, I have written in that time only, when I have seen this message on My Facebook profile.
The very first day, I just open my laptop and I got shocked, after looking at the traffic stats, it was more than 5000 page views, the first ever I was seeing this much traffic.

In that day, I promise my self, no matter what will happen? I will not quit blogging.

Here are things for you-

#1) The Lesson From the Story

This is big lesson for any blogger, you know why?

Here is the reason, that means if you will inform others any new information in better way, which will bring you lots of traffic, which probably make your server down.

I did not do anything special, I just share information about that new feature on Facebook, because Facebook had about 1000 millions active users that's why I have driven this much traffic in a day.

You could drive more traffic, just you have to keep open your eyes for such type of breaking news on your blogging niche, then share it.

#2) What You Can Do to Drive More Traffic

One of the most important source of traffic is search engine, then your blog must be optimize for search engines, which will drive more traffic to your blog.

But the most important is about giving value in your blog post.

Now probably you are thinking, what type of value you must give to your blog post, which will drive more traffic as well as keep the traffic in your blog.

It's experiments, case studies.

These two ways are great to provide unique content in your blog post.

Hopefully you are getting me.

#3) Why Not to Quit Blogging

I know blogging is not going to make you money from day one.

But it is sure one day.


It is depend on you, how you are sharing and what you are sharing in your blog?

Just make a circle for blogging, which will make you keep blogging and then definitely you will become successful blogger, that is for sure, yeah any how if you are not getting success then just do one thing watch this video

Or just get connected on Facebook.

#4) It's Not About Money

Always don't think about money, for me blogging has changed the way I think.

Even it has improved my English, which is really good for any Indian.

So, in one sentence I can say, "Blogging Has Changed My Life".

Let me help you to change your's!

#5) Tomorrow Will Be Yours

I always think about it.

How, it would be possible for me even?

Then I found only a answer that is consistency.

That means I have to keep blogging, to get attention of others, the reason is quiet simple, if I will not do it, then today or may be tomorrow someone will hold this position for doing it.

What Else You can Do to Drive Traffic to Blog-

One thing is clear that you need to have two things on your blog, quality content and traffic, both are directly proportional to each other, if you got traffic from direct sources and you don't have quality content then what's the use of that.

Well, the main problem face by new bloggers is writing quality content, if you are also in this situation, then first of all congratulation!

May be you are thinking why I am saying this?

Because, what I am going to share with you that is pretty awesome just you need to follow my steps and there you go, actually let me share with you from beginning, just few months back I wanted to create a course of a software and that is Mechanical Engineering related because I am a Mechanical Engineer and I have very good experience in that software, so I wanted to learn what others are doing those are getting good result in this space.

So, I have started interviewing them [including the person earn over $10,000 from Udemy], chatting with them, may be video chat and learnt about creating awesome course, basically I have learnt from their mistakes, that's why I will repeat those mistakes and then I have planned to create my course, very soon I am going to launch that course, hopefully it will help Mechanical Engineering community.

So, what you can do?

Just start building relation with them and there you go, offer them to be on your blog and you wanted to interview him or her, but only interviewing them those are working on your blog niche related, then only it will help you effectively grow very fast.

How to build relationship with them? Simple just send them request on Facebook or mail them and say-


For your achievement in your "space"

I wanted to interview you on my blog and also share about your blog readers, if you have good number, it will helps to convert their no to yes.

So, what do you think about this idea?


I know you want to make money from blogging, but for this need traffic and traffic comes from good content, I think this is the great way to drive traffic to any new blog.

What do you think about driving traffic by using this strategy?