Now I have decided something new every day, that's why it would be better for my blog readers to increase knowledge and as well as succeed in blogging, so today I am going to share with you a tutorial, which is about Adding Image to your blogger header, in short you can say this, this is a blog logo.

Well before going to share with you the full tutorial, let me give an Idea about a logo, see I know as a newbie blogger, it is difficult to hire some one to design your logo, but if you can do it then I will suggest you to go for it.

Otherwise design from yourself, but do not do time pass for this, just give time and think which logo will match for your blog design, because almost most of the company having their logo, logo represents brand and in the internet branding is most important, if you really want to make some serious money in the internet.

How to Add Image or Picture to Blogger Header-

Well lets go to the tutorial, go to, then click on your blog, on which blog you want to add image or logo to header then click on Layout this option you can see on the left side of your page.

If you are newbie and want step by step guide with screen shot then but follow till Layout then come back to the this tutorial, here is the step by step guide to add HTML or Java script to blogger.

Now after clicking on Layout you will see layout of your blog as I can see now for my blog, for your better understanding, I have given below a screen shot too.

Now click Edit as the above screen shot is telling you to, then a pop up window will open, as I can see now, the screen shot is given below-

Now click on "Choose File", then may be you will see desktop of your system, then choose a image, which you want to add to your blogger header, after choosing click on Open, wait for some time till the image will upload to your pop up window.

Other Important Tutorials for all Bloggers-

Now the last step, but most important which is about placement of the image on the header of your blog.
  1. Behind title and description.
  2. Instead of title and description.
  3. Have description placed after the image.
  4. Shrink to fit.
If you want to show only image instead of title and description the click left button, as I have given below a screen shot-

Now Click on Save.

You Have Done! Have Any Problem for Adding Image to Header to Blogger, Don't Hesitate to Ask!