Today I was thinking, what to write new to my blog, so I have gone to Google and start searching with different terms and I found many people are searching on these terms like "how to add my own image to blogger background".

So, I decided to write on this topic, here is the complete guide for you with screen shot, that's why you can do it quiet easily.

#1) Go to

After log in to, you will see your blogs on your now click on the blog on which blog you want to change background.

Then you will see dashboard of your blog, like I can see my blog dashboard-

Now click on "Template", which the above screen shot also telling you.

Then you will see new options on the right side.

#2) Template Customization Start

You will see many new options like I can see now, don't worry I have also given a screen shot below-

Now click on "Background", then you will see options as I have given below a screen shot-

Then a window will open, as I have given below a screen shot-

Now click on Upload Image, then you will see option to upload your desire image to blogger background, the screen shot is given below-

Now a new window will open, which can be your desktop, now choose your image, which one you add to your blog background.

After choosing, Now click open.

Now click on "Done". This option you can see on the bottom of the page, now you can see changes on the below of your blogger template designer, Now click on "Apply to Blog", this option you can see on the right top of the page.

Now you can see your own image as a background of your blog, but here is the good tips for you, if your image size is not having less than 1800*1600 pixels, but you can also add greater than this size, but if you will add less than this size you will see number of same images on the background of your blog, You can also add JPG, GIF or PNG.

Comment Below if you like the tutorial or facing any problem.