Domain name for blogger is important because there are many reasons behind of this may be some of those reasons  you know, that's why you are reading this article, right. Now may be you are thinking how would you buy domain name.

Actually there are thousands of places to buy domain name for your blog, but I will suggest you to buy domain name from Bigrock.

                                 Why Bigrock for Blogger?

I have been using Bigrock for my blogs from last one year, I have not face any type of problem, like server down etc.

That's why I will suggest you to buy domain name from Bigrock.

One more good reason behind of this, they provide very good customer support, I remembered that day, when I have purchased domain name from Bigrock for my blog, I did not know how to set up my blog, but their customer support help me to overcome from this problem instantly.

That means they are providing very good customer service too.

What is Unique in Bigrock?

May be you have heard about this or you have seen this that, many people have their professional email address, professional email address means email address contain your blog domain name like for my this blog, I have ""

Bigrock provide this service for free.

Yes for free, but for basic level, you can upgrade any time, of course it is up to you, till that time you will get own professional email address, which is pretty good for any professional blogger or part time blogger.

Cost of Domain Name?

Actually Bigrock is providing domain name in a reasonable price, which is good.

I think that's why Bigrock is gaining popularity quiet rapidly.

Time Need to Set Up on Blogger?

Only few minutes, needed.

Even I will provide full guide to add domain to blogger and of course for free.

What You Need to Buy a Domain Name?

Bigrock offer many different ways for payment, specially those are from India they have option for pay on delivery, I mean in your door step, like Flipkart style.

But rather than this you can give payment through debit card, credit card, net banking also.

Here is the step by step guide to Buy Domain Name From Bigrock

What Else, Let Me Give One More Tip

Hey there, this tip is amazing.

It's worth more than millions, I know it, you will come to know about it, after reading, what I am going to share with you.

Actually it's a concept of SEO, okay, domain name play really important role to become a successful blogger, probably you are thinking how?

Here is the tips, because if your domain name have at least one word of your blog topic then I am sure you will drive more than million visitors, alone because of that word in your domain name.

Let me give you an example, suppose your blog is about blogging tips, okay.

If you will write an article on blogging tips for beginners, then if your domain name contain at least one word of your blog post title, then I am sure you blog post is going to get very good position on search engine ranking pages.

That means traffic and traffic means money, for what you are blogging?

For more details you read my blog post- How Choosing Domain Name is Useful for Blog SEO.

Note for Buying Domain Name-

As I already told there are numerous benefit of buying domain name for blog, just let me give you an example, have you even heard any blog or website become famous with out domain name, no!

Then, buy a domain name and here are those benefits of buying domain name.