SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogger Blog
What are Important SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogger Blog in 2021- Blogspot blogs are easy to create the simple reason behind of this is it's free, but if you will see blogspot blogs for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) point of view then you can easily optimize your blogspot blogs for search engines.

For this you need to give me few minute to read this article.

I am 100% sure you are going to get few secret about SEO, which will completely change your blogging future, if you will feel this blog post will not change, then just give a comment with reason I will remove this  blog post from my blog.

This is 1000% sure!

Well, may be you are getting excited to know those tips, well I am going to give you very underground staff for you and for free. Yes for free.

I don't write same article twice with different title, because it will not good for future of my blog.

Neither Google nor readers even like this.

So, I will suggest you to read my blog post 20 minutes to optimize your blog.

Well, let me tell you, there are two types of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) one of them is on page optimization and another one is off page optimization.

Although, you have done little on page optimization, because my 20 minutes guide for on page optimization have all concept of that.

Now come to the next and most important part of on page optimization, that is I called article optimization.

All right, let me clear you about it step by step-

Title of the Blog Post-

Title is shows on the top of the search engine results, that means it's effectiveness is too much to get your blog post ranking on the top of the search engine results.

So, the simple formula is give title name of the blog post, what people are searching on the web.

As right now the way people search on Google has been changed few years back people used to type on Google to search but now people are using voice search.

 So, now before putting titles of the article always think if were the user what you will search on Google to find the same content which content you are writing.

Labels of the Blog Post-

Labels define category of the blog post, which will identify for users as well as search engine crawlers to understand the category of the blog post, I mean to say what is your blog post about?

Permalink of the Blog Post-

Permalink is also know as URL structure, better URL structure better results on the search engine results, I will recommend you to read the whole article, which have all possible concepts about URL structure.

Here is the another interesting blog post for you, use underscores or dashes in URL structure.

First 100 Words of the Blog Post-

First 100 words always play important role to to get good rank, if you want to verify it then just go to Google and search anything you will definitely see some keywords matching in content of the results showing in the search results.

These four are most basic optimization for your blog post, even you need to optimize your blog post images, here is the guide for image optimization.

These are too good for getting your blog posts on the top of the search engine results, let me give you one another solid tips for making your blog more effective for others.

Buy domain name dear, if you really want to see the real power of blogging, why?

Because this is the biggest mistake, I did in my three years of blogging.

How much visitors even people can not imagine I driven much more visitors alone from Google.

Just using these above all SEO concept, you can do the same, even better than me, but you need to do hard work, nothing else.

What I believe?

What do you think about these SEO tips let me know?

Updated SEO Tips 2021-

Well, if you are thinking about that you will be stick to it then this is good but with time to time you need to learn few more tips and tricks those are latest and trending.

That's why you will get benefit of latest trend SEO tips and tricks, one of the very latest SEO technique I have seen bloggers around the world are using and they are getting benefit from it.

That is republishing blog post.

But, again only hitting button to publish the blog post is not that much helpful, even it will be harmful later but yes if you will really update your blog post with latest information then it is really helpful.

Well, the tips I wanted to tell you.

Actually, couple of days ago I have started observing that there are many bloggers those are updating their old blog posts because search engine ranking of those blog posts has been decreased may be because of few reasons.

So, after updating their old blog post they started getting better ranking than before, so if you wanted to get benefit of this latest trend then you must understand it and work on it.

I hope you are getting me.

One of the biggest misconception about SEO I have see people means bloggers especially those are beginners they thought that SEO is going to help them to get enough traffic but in actual it is not.

SEO can only make your blog content to index in search engine results but ranking of your blog post is totally depend on quality as well as way of your writing.

So, as a blogger you must concentrate to write better content and more important is that in better way.

Hope you got it, if you want any other information regarding SEO then let me know?

Latest Update About SEO for BlogSpot Blog April 2021-
Nowadays most important factor about SEO is user experience, so it is very important to provide great user experience for this you need have good web hosting company and for VPS hosting I recommend you to use Virmach Promo code, and one more thing try to use good theme on your blog and when it comes to blog I recommend you to start with WordPress that is the best the CMS but as a beginner it is good to keep going to blogger also.

Best of Luck.