Today I am going to tell you the biggest mistake of blogspot bloggers, which is important for any blogspot blogger, if you say the mistake regarding what? It's a mistake regarding almost everything for your blog, here let me tell you the meaning of almost everything(Money, Brand, Traffic blah blah blah).

Blogger Mistakes

Hopefully you are getting me, what am I talking about?

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Actually it's a domain name, you must have a domain name for your blog, now as a new blogger, it is little difficult to add domain name to your blog and many other questions may be going on your mind like-

#1) How Much Worth of a Domain Name-

Well let's do start, from the very first basic question, I know people first go behind money, oh this much bucks I have to pay, no I am going to do blogging for free with sub domains.

Note:- You Need to Learn Keyword Planner by Google before buying domain name

I know 98% bloggers think like this!

You know, that's why they failed! I can not change that number but of course I can change your thinking, as my blog reader, I don't want any one will get failed or quit blogging specially those are reading my blog on regular basis.

Let me help you to inspire more, there are bloggers those are making money over 40,000$ per month, yes, over 40,000$ per month.

I know it will need little investment, but later it will pay you more, okay finally lets come to the point, "Money" actually it is depend on which domain name your buying, actually there are top level domain names like .com, .org, .net other than these are also country level domain name like .in, etc

It's worth around 10$ per year, I don't think so it is cost too much, because there are huge benefits of getting domain name for blog.

#2) Which Domain Name is the Best

Now it's a next common question bloggers generally think, which domain name is the best domain name, then I will give simple answer for you, it's .com

Because it's look more professional than any other domain name, rest it is up to you, your blog, your money, your dreams etc.

#3) Which is the Best Website to Buy a Domain Name

It's a Bigrock, here is the step by step guide to buy your domain name from Bigrock, hopefully you have heard about this company, this is a great company for their service, see I am a Mechanical Engineer, If I did it, then why you can not.

#4) How to Add Domain Name to Blogger

I am not a technical person, I mean, I am not belonging from computer or any IT field, but as time goes, I have learnt these things, as a newbie it is really difficult to set up your own custom domain name, so I have written another article, which will tell step by step method with screen shot to add domain name to blogger.

Note About Biggest Mistake in Blogging-

I did this mistake.

That's why, I don't want you will repeat this mistake, so go ahead buy a domain name and add to your blog and overcome from the biggest mistake in blogging.