Feedburner is one of the easiest and effective way to keep your blog Feed subscribers for forever, but this read more or jump break or continue reading feature really help your blog, because if your blog post is interesting for your blog readers then definitely they will come to your blog to read the whole article or blog post.

So, I can assume this, that you want to add read more option to your FeedBurner email update, just follow the given below steps-

Go to Blogger.com<Click on Your Blog, on which blog Feedburner update you want to add "Read More" option<Now Click on Settings(This option you can see on the left side your blog window)<Click on Other, congratulations! You have reached to the correct place.

I know above steps little technical but don't I have also created the whole steps on screen shot, that is given below, I hope you will like this.

Hopefully you did it.

By the way their is also an alternative for this that is, use Summary Burner on Feedburner, well I will also provide this tips in my coming blog post.

Well, I will recommend you to use this feature as a blogger platform user, if you are using Wordpress then you can use Summary burner on Feeburner.

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Few Benefits of Adding Read More Button to Feedburner-

If you are thinking about what are benefits of adding read more benefits then here I am going to tell you few amazing benefits those are really very good for any blogger.

  • People will be landing on your blog, after clicking on read more
  • More traffic you will get
  • Mean more revenue you can generate 
  • It looks like professional e-mail marketing

Happy Blogging!