Well as a Blogger, after knowing any concept I implement on my blogs then I write on my blog, to give you  the correct concept of that tactics, this time I have implemented the SEO Tips, which is about Dofollow and Nofollow links, hopefully you know about these two links, these are even most important for best SEO practices but for On Page Optimization of your blog.

Dofollow or Nofollow which one is better

So, here I did, as I come to know about Dof ollow and No follow links, I have changed all out going links of my blog to No follow links, because it will not hurt your blog page rank, which is the basic concept of introducing No follow and Do follow links.

But I will suggest you not to change all do follow links to no follow links suddenly, it will hurt your blog, I am 100% sure about this, Google Penguin will target your blog, because sudden changes your all links, I mean all out going links to other blogs seems unnatural for search engines.

So, probably you are thinking, what should you do, because if will not change even do follow links to no follow links to other blogs or websites, it will pass page rank to other websites or blogs.

There is always solution for any problem, right!

Here is also you have the solution, you can change do follow links to no follow links but don't do it suddenly because it looks unnatural for search engines, that's why it is not good for your blog health, but you can change do follow links to no follow links in a schedule, make a schedule for changing do follow links to no follow links but do not change do follow to no follow more than 15 links per day.

Do change about 15 links per day will not hurt your blog.

This is what? I got the after loosing traffic, but I have also recovered all my traffic by using a simple tips, that is I have updated all my blog post, again not suddenly but of course few blog post daily, which is seems to be natural for search engines as well as for readers.

This is my real experience, if you have any experience regarding this then don't forget share by giving comments below.

I hope you got your answer the reason behind it.

Difference Between Do-Follow & No-follow Links-

See, if you are giving do-follow links to any blog post of other blogs that means you are giving link juice to that blog.

Many said back links is dead, but the truth is that link farming is dead but back linking still working, actually to know the real fact behind it I did an experiment which is about building links to my niche blog.

For few reason I can not provide you URL of the blog, but yes I can tell you the fact, actually just a month ago I have created  niche blog on Happy New Year.

Like all bloggers do, they create only one niche blog for an event but I have created two, because I know this is going to help me a lot.

First Niche Blog-
 In this blog, I told my students to write 100 blog posts with absolutely no back links, if yes then there are only 10 back links but students are students they written only 28 blog posts, so the blog ended up with driving traffic about 3218 page views. [ Earning Zero because I did not monetize it]
Niche Blogging, Instant Traffic, Event Blog

So, it was not good, because we are thinking about driving at least 100,000 visitors to the blog, but it was not successful, here are reasons I have found-

  • Did not write 100 blog posts [Because of laziness]
  • Did not try to build back links
What I did in the Blog-
  1. Good keyword research
  2. Good On-Page SEO
  3. All Blog Posts were well optimized 
So, what I did in my second event based blog, let me share with you-

Second Niche Blog-
After failing in the first one, I knew it will be awesome because what I did not do in the first one, I did with the second because I wanted to find out what is working in the event based blog to drive lot of traffic, so here I have listed few things I did to that blog and I drove more than 100,000 visitors [Earning does not matter] to that blog, but sorry I can not show the figure because I did little trick to keep driving traffic.
  • I have start building back links more than 800 from different blogs, websites, forums too [Maximum do-follow links]
  • Written more than 100 blog posts 
  •  All on Page SEO done in well manner and thing happened.
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I hope you have find out the difference between no-follow and do-follow back links with a case study, it is really matter whether you are getting do-follow links or no-follow links because it has been proven by many.

Is there anything you have experienced between these two type of links.