Blogger is one of the best blogging platform for beginner bloggers, in this blog post I am going to share with you another blogger tips, which is about Schedule on blogger post settings, so here is the whole concept about this settings.

Schedule help you to keep your blog post updating automatically, probably when you are going to a vacation or may be examination time, this schedule feature is really useful. I mean think about it, you are writing a blog post today, if you want to publish this blog post day after tomorrow, when are sitting in the examinations, then even it is possible.

So, you now come to know that schedule is useful in blogging, but the question may be still going on your mind, that is how would you do it. Then I have only one word to say "follow", my steps to know about it's settings, well I can assume this that you have seen this options on the below of the Post Settings on blogger right, as I can see now even, the screen shot is also given below-

Now click on "Schedule", as you can see on the screen shot too, then you will see options, as I have given below a screen shot too-

Now follow the above screen shot instruction to make your blog post schedule correctly, if you are facing any problem then don't forget to ask questions below through comments.

Yeah its now time to understand more about it with my real life case study, actually what I am going to share with you, that is just amazing and of course I am going to share with you some cool photos of me during this case study.

How Blogger Schedule Works for Me-

Well, its a long back, it was August 2013, me and my friends plan to see Minjar International Fair, which is held every year in Chamba (Himachal Pradesh), well itself it was an wonderful journey and of course I have learn a lot of things there. During the vacation, I did not use internet for even a second, I was totally free from internet and of course my blog was updating on time, I mean everyday.

So, that is the real beauty of blogger schedule, if you will go for a vacation then it will be awesome for you, I mean just put your blog on schedule and then it will automatically published on your blog and if you have enabled feedburner then even automatically your subscribers are going to get the notification, so I must say everything will be on autopilot.
Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh
Chamba, NHPC Plant

Well, I have many more photos but for your help and to show you how beautiful place is this, I have putted these photos, its really an amazing place to visit, must say this.