FeedBurner is one of the best way to promote your blog post and also to keep your blog subscribers active as a blog readers, this is really important in blogging to take your blog to the next level, I mean Search Engines are good but only depending on search engines, will not help you lot, because you have to leverage your traffic sources, I mean their are many traffic sources other than search engines. Well come to the point, probably you are interesting to know about Summary Burner on Feedburner. 

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What is Summary Burner?

Summary burner is a very good feature on Feedburner, because it will help your blog subscribers to keep visiting your blog, like here is the screen shot for you.
Actually this feature help you to show limited number of words of your blog post on the Feedburner email updates, then you will ..., like on the above screen shot you can see.

For example, if you want, your blog Feedburner subscribers will see 200 words of your blog post then they will see only 200 words in their mail box, if they want to read the rest of the blog post, they have to come to your blog.

How Summary Burner Is Useful for Your Blog

Summary Burner is useful, how?

Here is the example for you, if your blog post will send to your Feed subscribers as it is you have written on your blog then why should your blog readers will come to your blog.

Now come the main point, if you will do settings through your feedburner that only 200 or 100 words of your blog post will show to your FeedBurner subscribers then the subscribers has to come to your blog to read the whole article, what does that means.

Your blog visitors and even page views will increases.

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You and me both know importance of traffic in online business, then why now to use summary burner on Feedburner, even it's free.

May be you are thinking, how would you do this, well don't worry, I will write about this blog post, on my next blog post.

Happy blogging!