Blogger is the one of the finest blogging platform to start blogging and earn money, more importantly any one can do blogging to earn some extra money even many become professional like John Chow and many more.

But today I am not talking about any blogging tips at all, I have already written many articles on this topic, so it's time to give you a new information which arrive to the blogger, actually blogger has changed it's default commenting system.

Here is the screen shot, I am putting it just below-
new commend form

Let me tell you, what's new in this blogger new commenting form- first of all look-

Actually this new blogger commenting form having new look also there is one more tab which have been introduced to increase your blog page views as well as for better interaction with your blog readers, now you can understand the important of this new option.

Just like, any wordpress users can used this feature but now you will see this feature on blogger also, I think this is a great improve and very good news for every bloggers, those are blogging on

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That is "Notify Me", if any other reader will comment on the same blog post then the Notify Me subscriber will get notification automatically through mail.

Sign out button-
If you are using Gmail while browsing internet then you will see this option, I must say this is a another good feature, but in the old one you also could see this feature but on the bottom side of the commenting form.

Now let me tell you another good feature that is about, automatic increase length of the commenting form, that is also very good feature.

Then I must have to say it will give good impact in blogging, these features are changing by blogger that is good, but we all bloggers can learn very good lesson from it.

No matter, how much popular your blog is, you have to improve your blog with time to time, not only in your content also design of your blog should be good, because first impression is the last impression.