FeedBurner is one of them big source to drive traffic to your blog, but you must know their features and how would they useful, that's why I have started a series of blog post on FeedBurner, that's why every blogger can come to know about FeedBurner features and they can use it effectively.

What is Title/Description Burner-

Title or Description Burner is a special features provided by FeedBurner for bloggers or any other those usually notify their readers about their new up date, so Title or Description allow you to change the Title of the blog post, or even description of the blog post.

May be you have little confusion about it, okay then let me make you clear about this, well if you have given title name that is not up to the mark, or you don't want that people will read your blog post on the same title you have written the blog post, so to make it interesting for your subscribers, that's why they will read your blog post, you can write more interesting words on the title or description and click on Active here is the screen shot of this, just given below dear-

After writing new title then write description and then click on title but remember you have to change it  for your next blog post update remember this.

How to Use Title Description Burner-

Hopefully you come to know about this feature of FeedBurner, now you can use this occasionally or daily that is up to you, I will suggest you to use this feature occasionally specially you need to promote any product or any special blog post, then this is a great feature to CTR(Click Through Rate) of your subscribers.

Well, it will not remove your blog title or description just these title and descriptions will show on the above of your blog post title on your FeedBurner address.

What else you want to say about Title Description Burner? Say something Dear!