Well Feed Image Burner will help you to make your Feedburner more professional that means, if you will see now your FeedBurner address you will see only wordings on the header of your FeedBurner, but by using this feature FeedBurner you can easily add a logo or image of your blog to FeedBurner to make it more professional, well to reach their I am going to add an Image below which has all screen step by steps to reach to this options.

Well let me give you quick steps to reach there, otherwise the images are just below- Go to FeedBurner.com<Click on Feed Title<Click on Optimize<Click on Image Feed Burner<You Are There.

Now follow the instructions given on the image, because it is easy to understand and one more thing image tells thousands times than words, is not it.

Now probably the whole tutorial clear to you, if not then just ask questions I will help you, that is for sure.

Hey let me tell you few more things about Feed Image Burner of FeedBurner, it is really useful for your blog, but you have to use this feature, if it will not happen, then remove, but it will work for your blog, then go for it, there is nothing to loose from it, it will gain you many things like Professionalism, more readers(repetitive)

What Else You Would Like to Add about Feed Image Burner of FeedBurner?