FeedBurner is good for driving traffic to your blog or any where you wanted but you need subscribers to do it, well let me tell you what is exactly Link Splicer, this is one of the good feature of FeedBurner generally people ignore this feature, because they did not known by any one, probably that's why.

But now you are just going to access one of the most amazing feature "Link Splicer, well if you are there right now then you can see, as right now I can see, the screen shot is given below-

Here is the main concept of this feature- This feature will let you enable links to be share with your readers, those links are provided by other website services link del.icio.us links.

Other than del.icio.us, there are many others you can also your own link service, but those websites listed above those are really provide good links, links may be stories, latest news and many more important facts.

So, these links will automatically send to your readers.

Probably you are thinking, why should you provide traffic to other contents, right, but my dear it will help your blog readers to know many more things other than your blogging topic, which will also create trust between your blog readers and you.

This is important in business and blogging is big damn business remember that.

Whats you wanted to add or tell your this feature, please share here thanks.