Photo Splicer on FeedBurner is useful for bloggers as well as webmasters, in this blog post exactly what I am going to talk with you i.e. about only Photo Splicer.

Well is one of the feature of FeedBurner, probably you know this, that's why even you have reached to this blog post, so here is the main concept about Photo Splicer of FeedBurner.

Photo Splicer will help you to make the two different sources in one source for your blog Feed readers, that means you can add images to your FeedBurner Feed, those photos or images are on Flickr, Buzznet or any other website.

Okay let me give an screen shot of this-

Now probably after looking at the screen shot of it, you have little idea about it, that it will notify your blog Feed readers whenever you will add any new image to your account like to Flickr.

I know many of you can not reach to FeedBurner Photo Splicer option, so here are steps I am going to tell you to reach there, I know these steps are little difficult, but it is easy if you will read my steps with giving little interesting.

Okay, lets reach to Photo Splicer-
First go to<Click On Feed Title<Now Click on "Optimize"<You can see now many options on the left had side of your desktop the option  for which you did these steps, yes you are right I am talking about "Photo Splicer".

Now just make a click on "Photo Splicer", you can see options as I have given above screen shot.

Now linked your account with Photo Splicer then click on "Activate", that it.

Hey is there any problem do you have, let me know, just comment below.