SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, in blogging SEO importance is really great, even most of the blogger become famous only because of using proper SEO tactics, but beginners are create blog then after blogging few months they quit blogging, there is a simple reason behind of this, they unable to attract good traffic that's why they quit.

But you don't have to.

Do you know why?

Because after reading this article, you are going to drive lots of traffic, most important those would be organic traffic means, traffic from search engines most likely from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask Etc.

DO you KNOW there are about 200 factors on which basis Google shows results, but I am sharing here most important SEO Tips.

So, here I am going to share with you those SEO Tips for you-

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger:- Tips 1(Adding Blog Title of Your Blog)

You might have given any name of your blog Title anything, but it's time to change it's name, if you have not give the name as I am going to tell you.

Your blog title should be related to your blog content, which will help you lot to drive lots of traffic, may be you are thinking how, if any one will search any thing in search engines, then search engine shows results according to the content having in a blog post or page and also the name of the blog title, may be you have not notice till now, but let me tell you how is it possible, one more thing if you are looking for getting first impression from your readers, then you need to have good design template, I will recommend you to read one of my article- Fast Loading Blogger Template

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There are two simple ways to find your blog on Google, if your blog got index in Google for few days.

Those ways are search by your blog title name and other one is search by your blog domain name, if your blog is not having a domain name then name before blogspot.

Do it, you will definitely see your blog there on search engine results, may be on the top.

So, the thing is that if you will give name of your blog according to your blog content then it will definitely help you lot to get good quantity of quality traffic to your blog.

Here, every blogger do the mistake, they give name of their blog with different, different name, which is not having any connection with their blog content, that's why, they do not get good rank of Search Engine Results Page that's why they do not get more traffic.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 2(Adding Descriptions of Your Blog)

Blog descriptions, which will tell Search Engine Robot or crawlers about your blog, then it is sure that if you will add description about your blog with right keywords then I am sure you will get more benefit.

I know it is little difficult for you or any beginners to write descriptions of blog, then take time, understand about your blog, for example my blog is about Blogger Tips, SEO Tips, Affiliate Marketing Etc.

Then I will write description of my blog:- My Blog Domain Name( is providing information related to Blogger, SEO, Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers, one more thing you need to consider few things before going to choose domain name for your blog, but of course you also keep in mind that you are choosing right hosting plan, which is also important, I will recommend if you are looking for premium hosting, WiredTree Hosting, Check WiredTree Coupon Code.

See, keep it short but effective then it will work better.

One more thing about this SEO tips, don't add too much lengthy description, it will not help you that much than the description is short with targeted keywords.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 3(Title of The Blog Post)

I know you are thinking, why I have written three times "Title", of course there is a big reason behind of it, people search on search engines, if your blog post title is exactly same as that people are searching on search engine then probability of getting your blog post on the top is more.

Now the main concept, I know as a beginner it is little difficult for you to write proper Title of the blog post, then there is one more simple way to find it, what people are searching on the web, i.e. go to Google and type the title name, you are going to give to your article, Google shows that the exact same keyword then it's good otherwise change it according to Google is showing as suggestions.

Now the professional but free one.

That is Google Adwards Keyword Tool(Which name has been changed to Google Keywords Planner)
Google Keywords Planner Tool help you to know volume of traffic for particular keyword, which helps to analyse the market about the potential of users for that keyword.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 4(Keywords of The Title in The Blog Post)

After Title this factor also play an Important role, now how would you make it effective for your blog post, here is the key ingredients and also it's a easy one.

Just use words in your article as those words you have used in your blog post title, which will help you to get good rank on search engine results pages.

But don't repeat too much.

Then how much you should use?

You can use about 3% of keywords for best results, for example if you are writing a blog post of 500 words then you can use keywords up to 15, don't use not more then 15.

Otherwise for temporarily may be you will get good rank but later, may be Google Panda or Penguin will hit your blog, do remember this!

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 5(Blogger Permalink)

Blogger introduces Permalink to boost the ranking of blogspot blogs I mean, those blogs are running on blogger platform.

But there are two features over there.

One of them is "Automatic Permalink", which generally 90% bloggers used, that's why missed another feature of blogger Permalink that is "Custom Permalink", which will allow you to write your own permalink, that is also as URL(Universal Resource Locator) Structure.

But add dash in between two words for best results, you have other options too like adding under scores in between words, not adding anything.

But adding dash in between the words is the best, I know am repeating this sentence again because it's worth it.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 6(Do Follow Links)

There are links to add in HTML, which will lead you another page may be on the same page tab or another new tab.

But here I am talking about most relevant link, which will help those, who will get link from other blogs, like for example if I will give do follow links to you then it will help your blog to get good rank on search engines remember this.

May be you are thinking how to do it?

It's simple, if any one is adding HTML link, that is called do follow link, but I will suggest you not to give do follow links any website or not even sale do follow links because which will pass page rank of your blog.

That is sure, may be you are thinking, if it is necessary to provide link then what to do? keep reading, you will get answer of your question.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 7(No Follow Links)

No follow links is a good one for linking to other blogs with out loosing online reputation, even then I will suggest you, don't link too much to other website.

If it is really necessary then go for it.

Here is the code for adding no follow link "<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> follow link</a>"

But remember don't link to your own blog pages with no follow link, it should be do follow means if you will remove rel="nofollow", from the above code then the link become do follow.

By the way in blogger, you have automatic section, you just need to check it or out according to use, I have written a complete guide blog post on Permalink- Add Nofollow Link on Blogger Including SEO Mistakes

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 8(Anchor Text)

Anchor text is also known by interlinking your blog posts with other blog posts, as you are reading right now, you got links, which will allow you to know about any other blog post relevant to this blog post.

See, if you are giving link to your other blog post, the it will make strong bond in between the articles, which will increase page view of your blog, trust of your blog, decrease bounce rate, increase time spend by per user, user value etc.

Which all sign getting good rank on search engine results pages, which is having simple meaning that you are going to get good traffic from search engines.

And which is the only best way to become a good money earning blogger.

What I think?

I don't know, what do you think? Please let me know by giving comments below.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 9(Labels)

This is one of the feature of blogger Post settings, you can see this option of the right side of the blogger blog post writer.

This label is also known as category of your blog post.

It will simply let know people about the blog post in one word or may be two words, here is the big information for you.

That only people don't understand, search engine crawler also understand this about your blog post through label, that's why providing proper label will improve your blog posts search engine visibility.

But don't give too many labels to your blog post one is the best but if your blog post is really link to your label more than one then you may be give 3 to 4 labels.

This is my thinking, I don't know what other thinking about this.

Basic SEO Tips for Blogger- Tips 10(Location)

Location is the one of the key feature of Search Engine Optimization, generally it helps in local searching, actually Google search results vary from place to place.

It's only because location or targeted location this is also known by Geotargeting, you can target any place from any where, if your blog content is related to that place other wise don't target to wrong location it will not help you at all for getting good rank on search engine.

This option you can see on the right side of your blog post writer on blogger, if you have not used till now then you may try this feature of blogger.

Specially those are travel blogger they got lots of help from it.

Step by Step Guide to Set Up Your Location on Blogger for Better Search Engine Visibility- Setup Your Blog Post Location

I hope you will get great value from this blog post about Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for blogger, but let me tell you, I have already written an blog post, which is about 40+ SEO Tips for bloggers, read this blog post, It will change your blogging career. I guaranteed.

What do you think about these SEO tips for bloggers, please comment below share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter.