Google Plus is a social networking website, which is owned by Google, I know, you know about it, even then it is little good to share, may be every one don't about it.

Now come the main point of this blog post, you are wonder to know that Google Plus offering you to set up your own custom URL, by name or according to your choice.

Actually, I got an email from Google Plus Team about it that they have change my Google Plus URL, if I agree to change it or not, I mean they did every thing, I just need to click on the below URL which is given by Google Plus team then automatically I can see the pop up window, Like I have given below-

There are few things to get Google Plus Custom URL, I know you must have, like your Google Plus Account must be older than 30 days and also you must have 10 friends in your circles.

For me I have much more than this.

Let me tell you about the above Google Plus screen shot, as you can see, my Google Plus Custom URL was on the above but now I have changed it to, by not doing any thing special.

I just click on Change my URL.

I was thinking, it is also possible that some one will not like the URL suggested by Google, then what he or she will do.

So, here are those things or steps you need to follow, these are pretty simple steps, first I hope you are right now in front of the Page as I have add a screen on the above.

There you can see option "Request a different one".

Just click on it, you will see another page but on the same window, as I have given below on the screen shot-

Now just write name their on the space provided according to your own desire and the do the last step that is what?

Click On Request URL.

That's it.

I hope you like it, about the Google Plus changes.

What do you think about it, let me know, just write comments below.