Geo Tag means, setting up your location, if we are talking about Geo Tag in FeedBurner then it's meaning in this case even same, but the fact is that you will notify FeedBurner about your Location, which will even help you to get more traffic from that reason.

Well, in this blog post, I am going to share with you, How Would You Geo Tag Feed of FeedBurner?

So, here are those steps, first got to<Click on Feed Title<Then You will see Optimize, click on "Optimiza"<Now you will see many options on the left side of your window<Now see on the left but little bottom, you will definitely see that option i.e. "Geo Tag Feed"<Don't be late click on that<Then you will options to fill form.


I know these steps are not easy, even these steps were not easy for me, but don't worry I will make it easy or simple for you, that's why you can also follow those steps, so I am going to share with you, screen shots of those steps with little instructions.

Now you need to do here is putting your ZIP code, if you are belonging from USA or you can also put your Longitude and Latitude, right!

May be you are thinking where you are going to get Latitude and Longitude of your location, if you are not from USA or may be even.

Okay then let me help you more.

Just use Google Map, it will tell Latitude and Longitude of your location, when you will search your location of Google Map.

If it will be difficult, then let me know, I will definitely one article on this topic.

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