FeedFlare is one of the great feature of FeedBurner, that's why even I like FeedBurner, which helps me to drive more and more traffic to my blog, even to which blog post I want, it's amazing to make money online, more advertisement networks as well as affiliate marketing, well I know you wanted to know about FeedFlare only.

Well this feature little bit like social media sharing button in blogger, but this is little different, because this feature will help you to let people share your blog post with their network, like sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Email their friends and many.

Yes many more, it's a long list, but I will not recommend you to use all of them, use only popular FeedFlare like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email this like.

Although these are general, but you can use others option too, of course that is depend on you, your readers, more important your content.

Well, I know this is good, I mean people will definitely share your blog post or content if they like, this means it will help you to distribute content with others quiet easily.

Well, I am just going to add a screen shot of this, that is just below-

That's why you can see that FeedBurner says it will help to build interactivity to each post.

What do you think let me know?