FeedBurner is one of the best source for bloggers, may be you know that, if not then you will definitely come to know about this service, well let me tell you in one sentence, this service(email marketing) will help you to take your blog to the next level.

How FeedBurner?

I know this is the question going on your mind, here is the answer for you, i.e. this service will help you to build a real business by making long relationship between your blog posts and readers, which will make a trust on people about your blog, like Google for search engines etc.

Hopefully you got your answer.

If not.

Then I have very good example on this, if you will create a blog post then your blog subscribers will get that blog post on their email box, it is well known for every one that people definitely check their emails, then that means your blog readers will come to know about your new blog post, which is even for free.

It works on autopilot, this is awesome, is not it?

Well, lets come to the point, that is your are looking for.........

What is Smart Cast?

Well Smart Cast one of feature of FeedBurner, which allow you to podcast any media that can be images videos, MP3's etc.

Specially those are video bloggers, this feature of FeedBurner is great!

What do you think, I don't know but I know this is Awesome and this feature helping millions to distribute their content online for free even.

The screen shot is given below, which will make you more understand about this feature-

Now I hope, you come to know about the Smart Cast on Feedburner, let me tell one more interesting information about Smart Cast and of course about FeedBurner, your this setting will not affect email updates of your blog post, it is different from that section.

Means, it's tension free even, those are blogging related to music, videos that kind of stuff they are having great opportunity to make their content to the audience easily as well as effectively.

What Do You Want to Add About Smart Cast?