Blogging is important that's 100% true and while your are studying or you may also say in education, in that time, it is play important role to make a better future of your's, also making name in the internet world quiet easily.Because people do study there only two main purposes, those are for money and understanding good and bad in this world.

But blogging will let you learn many things, but as a student blogger you would do many mistakes, but you don't will have to, because I am tell you what to do to make good popular money making as well as useful blog for your readers.

Well what you should do for becoming a better blogger?

SEO Basics for Better Blogging Career-

Learn First SEO, no I am not going to recommend you buy any book at this stage may be later you can buy, but I will recommend you to read this article, which will let you know almost all concepts you need to know to drive lots of traffic to your blog.

Learn All Basics SEO Tips for Free

Choosing Great Topic to Blog-

I know this is not an easy task, but as a beginner blogger and also as a student, don't choose any topic to blog, in which you are not enough familiar.

May be this is blowing on your mind, why am I saying this?


Okay, my dear let me tell you the reason, if you are not thinking this even read this, what I am going to tell you, because this is important.

Because people will not come to your blog for free, they also searching something, may be some kind of information, so if you are not familiar with the topic you are blogging, then how would be possible, you are going make good reputation on that niche in the internet, that is people will come to your blog again and again, this is needed in blogging, trust as well as repetition of visitors, even you have to waste lot of time to do search and then write with out feeling comfortable.

So, what to do?

Select topic related to your education no matter in which field you are studying, but do select two to three topics, now do little research work, that is try to know how much people are search about those topics in the internet, after all you are going to get visitors depend on topics, remember more popular topics means more competitions, so choose topic that you can provide better information than others.

Then select only and only one topic for starting blogging.

For this you can get help from Google Keyword Planning Tool, don't worry it's free, here is the pretty cool video for you, to understand about Keyword Planner much better way.

Now Choosing Domain Name-

Almost all blogs become popular on their respective niche because of choosing proper domain name, I don't want any of my blog reader, will do this mistake.Even I did this mistake, that's why I took this type of silly but most dangerous mistakes quiet seriously.

Okay let me tell you what's that?

That is words content in your domain name, choose words in your domain name on which topic you are going to start blogging. Like for example my blog name, at the starting of my blog I choose my domain name but I knew it was difficult to become a next level blogger with that domain name, that's why I have changed my domain name to

Don't repeat this mistake again.

These three tips are enough for become a good blogger at least for beginners, if you are interesting to learn more about blogging tips then don't forget to read my 36 unbelievable tips about blogging to become a successful blogger.

Benefits I Got From Blogging Being a Mechanical Engineer-

As a mechanical engineering, becoming a well known blogger especially in blogging niche is just a unbelievable things do you know why? 

Because its required lot of skills, soft skills, hard working skills, log time sitting in front of the PC and keep learning & writing and there are lot of things to do to become a famous blogger, that's why even there are many those failed in blogging & but those are doing extremely well because they find out a reason to write blog posts and here you also need to find out a reason to write blog posts and also find out a reason to study, so here I am going to share with benefits I got as an engineering student-
  1. Patience of myself has been increase by 500% and that's a great thing to be a successful, happy person for rest of the life.
  2. English, the great obstacle as a Odia, Bengali and of course Hindi Medium student and its really great now, as you are reading my blogs and there are half million more.
  3. Knowledge about internet increase by 500% 
  4. You can think about your own start up and earn money from anywhere in the world [SEO Tips for Indian StartUps]
  5. You can earn money online by blogging, selling anything, writing e-books, consulting, providing marketing services and anything [Its on you what idea you have to solve people problems]
  6. I got lot of fans online as well as offline
  7. These days I don't need to think about buying any branded cloth rather my friends those are working in good company they need to think.
  8. Today I am earning more than my day job and by the end of this year it will multiply, because I am giving my best everyday and I am sure it will work for me.
More important, I feel happy when people send me thank you message for having a great blog & My Youtube Channel for beginners to tell the right thing which is working and which is not.

Well, after looking at the need a step by step blogging guide, I have created a step by step blogging guide for all those wanted to start blogging for free and here is the Guide to Start Your Blog.

Main benefits of following step by step guide to start blog-
  • There is a step by step guide to start a blog right way
  • You will learn lot of things which I have shared my five years experience of blogging
  • It is 100% free from my side
  • You can also start a blog without investment [But getting domain name for blog is recommended only required about $10 per year]
  • There are more than 20,000 people got benefits from the guide and its your time.
Best of Luck & happy blogging.

Wait, if you have any question then don't forget to ask through comments.