Chitika Review, Payment Proof 2020, legit or scam

Chitika Review 2021- Chitika is one of the best alternative to Google Adsense, may be you know about it even then I am telling you this to make Chitika Review more effective, because in some countries Like UK, USA, Canada Chitika perform almost equivalent to Google Adsense.

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Because of Asian countries bloggers can not get easy approval from Google Adsense, that's why they moved to Chitika or other Adsense alternatives for Blog Publishers.

I know you are looking for payment proof that means whether Chitika is Legit or Scam, actually I have already written an article about Chitika Advertising network in pretty details-

I have used Chitika in my blog, to increase revenue of my blog, so I have seen increase in revenue about 30%, I think that is pretty good for any blogger to see such increment in revenue.

Here is the payment proof, which is a screen shot of my payment from Chitika through paypal, if you are having such type of questions like, how much they pay per click, minimum withdraw money, ways to get paid through Chitika, then I will recommend you to read the whole review.

which I have written after using Chitika Networks almost for 3 months, most of the time we also have seen hosting company also matter for getting best out of it, so always invest money to get best hosting service, if you want my suggestion then go with Cloudways, they are pretty good in hosting, you can get discount with Cloudways also, here check it out Cloudways Coupon Code

Payment Proof of Chitika Advertising Network-

Here is the screen shot of the payment from Chitika Through Paypal-
Chitika Payment Proof 2015

Now, I hope so you have satisfied that Chitika is a Legit network, I don't have any doubt about that, hopefully you don't have any doubt about this even.

Okay till now you come to know this that Chitika is a legit advertisement network, which really pays.

Hey That's not enough about this blog post, I would like to add few more tactics about blogging, which is really going to help you to make more money, but as this blog post is about only Chitika Advertising Network that's why I would like to tell you how would you get maximum benefit from Chitika.

How to Sign Up for Chitika Ads Network-

In this section, I am going to tell you step by step guide to Sign Up for Chitika, here are those steps to follow-
  • First click here to go to Chitika Official Website
  • Then you will see a official website of Chitika Ads network, for your better understanding I am going through all these steps, here is the screen shot it, what exactly you are seeing right now, if you are not seeing the same then please wait till the website will load properly.
Sign Up Process Chitika, Blogger Ads network
After seeing the above screen you need to put their own e-mail address then may be it will ask to conform your e-mail address then you just need to click on Yes, and then click on GO.
Chitika Sign Up Process Step 2
Now you need to go to your e-mail account there you can see Chitika E-mail in your inbox, if you did not find out then check spam button, okay first let me check about it, then I will tell you.okay there you will see an e-mail which subject name says Complete Your Application.

Just click there and click on Complete Your Application, then you will be redirect to their Chitika official website.

There you need to complete final step for sign Up, here is the screen shot of it-
Chitika Sign up Process final step
Fill the above form and click on Submit that's it.

Well, here is another thing, if you did not receive any mail from Chitika then there on the Chitika official website there you have submit your e-mail address for getting mail in your inbox, on the official website there you will see option after sometime, here is the screen shot of it-
Resend E-mail in Chitika Sign Up Process
Just click on the Resend E-mail and then repeat the above steps, I hope this section will help you to sign up for Chitika and you can start earning from your blog.

How to Add Chitika Ads Code to Blogger-

In this regard I have written a full length blog post on adding any HTML/Java code to blogger in your desire place, I don't want to repeat all those steps, rather I will tell you steps to get code from Chitika after creating account on Chitika, here are those steps to copy code from Chitika for blogger.

I hope you wanted to know why I would like to tell all those steps here, because I want that any blogger will not face these kind of problems, especially those are beginner bloggers they face such kind of problems, okay here are those steps to follow-

1. First go to Chitika official website-
2. Go to your account, okay I am going to do the same steps that's why I can tell you real exact steps to follow and do.
3. After log in to your account you will see a option "Ad Code Generator", there you will see option to format, just make a click below then you will see many format, as I am giving below all format, as I am seeing here after click there-
ads format of chitika

4. Just make a click on then click on get code, then after clicking there you will see code with pop up, just click the code and add to blogger, how to add Chitika code to blogger, details guide.

I hope this section is helpful for you, if you need any other information regarding Chitika ads network let me know.

Approval Process of Chitika Ads Network-

Chitika Approval process is quite fast, but for making decent income, I mean to increase your earning from Chitika you need to claim your blog or website on Chitika after installing the code, that's why Chitika will track your traffic quality, on that basis they will deliver ads.

Once they will start delivering very good quality ads then you will start earning lot of money, I mean good quality ads means very good revenue.

How to Increase Revenue Through Chitika-

Chitika Perform very well because they shows ads content based, that is the main reason to increase your blog revenue.

But What?

If , any one is not clicking on ads!

There are two possible ways or you may say reasons behind of it, one is Chitika is not delivering, right ads according to your blog content.

For example-
If your blog is about students then, if Chitika is showing ads related to buying apartment then rarely any one is going to click on the ads.

But that is not possible, there are unlimited advertisers, those wanted to get traffic means ultimately customers.

The Second Reason- May be you are not choosing right place to show your ads, actually I did a test on this, I succeed in my blog.

Well, let me tell you about the testing.

Actually, I was getting in that time about 11,000 page views per day, but even then I was not making much money, because I was not putted ads on the right place.

So, I have changed the place of ads to the below title and at the end of the blog post and it happens.

My CTR(Click Trough Rate) of Ads has been increased from 2% to 7% and I think it is pretty good for me in that time.

You can do the same for your blog to increase earning from your blog through advertisement.

Conclusion About Chitika Ads Network-

Chitika is good to make money from your blog, which you can consider as your consistent earning means, if your blog having traffic then you will make money that is sure.

But, I would like to suggest you something more, but I will also suggest you to use other networks with Chitika Like Bidvertiser Review 2021 (I earn more than $464) as well as Review 2021 [Earned Over $600]

These two networks also help me lot for making money from blogging, but beside this you can try other methods to make more money from blog, those ways are just I am going to discuss with you.

Top 10 Important Points About Chitika-

  1. Chitika is a Legit Network
  2. Strong Technology support
  3. Fast approval process
  4. Minimum balance required to withdraw 10$ [I used Paypal in India to get payment from out side countries]
  5. Fully Paypal support for payment on monthly basis
  6. Very good customer support
  7. Alexa rank is about 2K worldwide
  8. Different ads sizes available to choose 
  9. If you have good quality posts then you can get special status
  10. No major complain found till now from publishers side

What to Do? If You Are Not Satisfied with Chitika-

May be you are not satisfied from earning of your blog, it is also possible that Chitika is not performing well for your blog.

Well as per my experience Chitika works just great for English speaking countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada even for India.

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But, the main problem with other countries, may be you are getting traffic from other countries then you will face problem I have suggestions for you, try different method to use ads, I mean just keep changing ads placement because it is also matter for getting more clicks which means more revenue for your blog.

One more thing always don't put revenue on the top, try to put your readers on the top then you will see the traffic graph keep increasing which will help you to earn more money from blog in future.

What You Can Do Beyond Chitika-

Learn affiliate marketing and Email Marketing to increase earning from your blog, means you can leverage your earning through this method, imaging about it, if you will sell one product then you will make 20% to 75% commissions.

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But you have to serve quality product to your customers, remember it will take time understand the get success but till that time keep trying and delivering quality content, it will help you to make more money from your blog, but don't try hard, it will ruin your blogging career.

My Personal Experience with Chitika ads Network-

I hope you know about Chitika ads network till now and more important thing is that you know about Blogger How to SEO Tips

Because, I have used this ads network on this blog a long time ago to test this network, but after seeing all pros and cons I have removed all networks from this blog, because I wanted to give you a ads free portal for your best experience.

Well, Chitika performs well no doubt about it, but again it works not well for all blogs, but one thing is crystal clear that is- it's click through rate is just awesome because its even more than 10% sometimes.

Okay, let me share with you more easy way, that's why you can understand it easily.

Suppose, you are getting 100 visitors then out of 100 there would be 10 clicks on ads and that's really good for any blogger those wanted to earn maximum revenue from their traffic, Chitika also have many premium advertisers that's why you can earn more commission.

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Well, let me share with you a story about Chitika, actually it was time when I needed money and most important is quickly so I have decided to use Chitika on my blog and earn revenue as I have come to know about it that Chitika can make you quick commission.

So, I have used it for few days and earn very good commission and later I have used other methods to earn money from my blogs, but overall experience was just fantastic.

I mean, I have generate more revenue than I needed in that time, so like the same if you want to earn quick cash then you must go for it.

I mean just give a try.

What Matters for Earning More-

The most important thing is traffic so you need to know ways to drive traffic to your blog that's why you will get more clicks on ads and then you will generate more revenue.

Simple concept, but newbie people don't know how to promote articles online, here are few ways for promotion those are I am using-

  1. Facebook [Page, Groups, Profiles]
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest [Always create pin around your content]
  4. Weheartit
  5. Scoopit
  6. E-mail Marketing [Use Feedburner or Get Respose Click Here and take free drive for next one month.]
  7. Relation building traffic 
  8. Direct traffic source
  9. StumbleUpOn
  10. Use hash tags to get more traffic from social media.

Last Sentence for All Bloggers to Grow in 2021-

Don't think too much just give your 200% and I am sure people will think about you because everybody can not give 200% remember it.

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Recommended Alternatives to Chitika Ad Network

Well, Chitika is one of the top ad network, but if you are looking for alternative, I mean other networks to earn money online then you can check three ad networks those I used and of course a complete guide to monetize your blog right way is recommended, all information is there.

Everything in this world having some pros and cons, like the same with chitika ads networks, but we never come to know what is going to work for us, so don't forget to try one.

The exactly same thing I am talking here, if you want to get the best then you have to find out the best no one can give you the best one.

What do you think about Chitika ads networks for you?