Feedburner is one of the best way to get connected with your readers automatically, I like this very much that's why I am telling.

Although I know you are looking for something else.

Of course that's why you are here.

Okay then lets jump to the main tutorial.

First go to Feedburner, then click on Feedburner title, I mean on which Feed you want to make your Feed browser friendly.

Now you will see, new options on your window, there you will see first title of your Feed and then there are four options over there, for your help I have putted those options below-
  • Analyze
  • Optimize
  • Publicize
  • Troubleshootize
Well, these are most important for making your Feed more smarter and better for you as well as for your readers.

By the way.

I am going to tell you exactly you need to do to make your Feedburner browser friendly, among of those options just click on "Optimize".

Because you need to do settings there only to make browser friendly.

Now again there are many options, but you must see on your left side of you screen, there you will see options like
  • VIEW
  1. Your Feed
  2. XML Source
  1. BrowserFriendly
  2. Make subscribing simpler
  3. SmartCast
  4. Podcasting and iTunes settings
  5. SmartFeed
  6. Ensure maximum compatibility
  7. FeedFlare
  8. Build interactivity into each post
  9. Link Splicer
  10. Photo Splicer
  11. Geotag Your Feed
  12. Feed Image Burner
  13. Title/Description Burner
  14. Convert Format Burner
  15. Summary Burner
But you don't need to much here, just make click on "BrowserFriendly", that's it.

Now you will see options there, started with "Appearance Options"-

There you will see first Theme, here choose language and theme to make it easier for any browser to load your Feed faster that's why your visitors will not get bother, if their internet connection is slow.

Then Click on below, where you have been ask for "Choose which subscription options your landing page theme displays".

Just make a click on the box, if you want to choose, if already choose, I mean right sign is there before options then it's okay.

Now go to the bottom of the page and then click on save.

That's it.

See, there are benefits of making your Feed browser friendly, as I have already tell you.

I will suggest you to do one more thing, that is create great content and to create great content you need to do proper research about the topic.