Download Your FeedBurner Email subscribers can be required for many reasons, one of them is email marketing through direct emails may be you have another reasons, but in this blog post I will share with you how you can download your FeedBurner subscribers email addresses.

Actually I have written an article which will help you to reach to the subscribers list of your FeedBurner with screen shots.

Here is the blog post for you- Know Your FeedBurner Subscribers

Hopefully you reach there, where you can see list of subscribers of your FeedBurner, here is the screen shot, where are you right now-

Now find these terms on the same page, if you found then click on CSV(Comma Separated Values) file, if you are using Chrome then you can see the file is downloading on the left bottom of your desktop or laptop.

Hopefully you did it.

But the file would be in MS Excel, now you have to extract email addresses only from the MS Excel, actually it's a little long steps so, I have to write another one article on this, don't worry I will left link here, whenever I will complete that article, thanks for reading.