Feedburner is one of the best way to promote your blog post for free, specially for blogger it is really useful to keep in contact with their blog readers, but what if you want to remove any email subscribers from your Feedburner email list. Just follow my step by step guide to remove any subscriber from your email list.

Just go to Feedburner.com<Log in to your account<Click on Feed Title<Click on Subscribers<Now scroll down to the below bottom of the page<Find "FeedBurner Email Subscriptions"<Now click on "FeedBurner Email Subscriptions"<Now you will see "Manage Your Email Subscribers List"<Now click on "Manage Your Email Subscribers List"<Now you can see list of your email subscribers as I can see now.


May be these steps little difficult for you, that's why I have written a blog post to reach here with screen shot.

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Reach there, right!

So, here is the screen shot, what am I seeing right now, exactly at the same stage, right where are you.

After clicking on the cross, as the above screen shot tells then you will see another option, which is called final action, here is the screen shot-

Now the subscriber removed from the list, hopefully you are not seeing that particular subscriber any more, if yes then there is a problem right!

So, then ask question by giving comments below.

Step by Step Guide to Use FeedBurner-

May be you did not start feedburner right way, I am saying may be that's why I have something for you that would be just amazing for you, because I have written all blog posts related to Feedburner and almost starting from the end and most important fact is that I am going to reveal the secret to get more subscribers for your blog.

Here are few advantages of Feedburner-
  1. Its free
  2. This is owned by Google
  3. There are many bloggers using Feedburner
  4. You can control many things about your readers
  5. You can track how many people are clicking, viewing your blog posts
  6. You can also see active and all subscribers list
  7. You can remove any subscriber from your list.
  8. And there are lot of staffs you can do with feedburner.
Is there anything you are getting problem with Feedburner?