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Microworkers Review 2018 Legit or Scam with Payment Proof is one of the big sought of the internet (Microworkers Review 2018), when come to make money from internet, well I'm not saying this is the only network, but even then I know Microworkers from last SIX years as an Indian Blogger. Even these days there are many those are using this network for making money from Bangladesh.

See, I don't know about you, not even about your current situations, but bet you, If you come to here to know about Microworkers to make money online, then few questions definitely going on your mind, as I have listed below-
  1. What is Microworkers?
  2. Is Microworkers Legit or Scam- Doubt Right?
  3. Microworkers Phone Verification Problem
  4. How to Make Money from Microworkers?
  5. How Much Money You Can Make from Microworkers?
  6. How to Withdraw Money from Microworkers?
  7. How Microworkers is Useful for Marketers? (Little Advance) 
  8. How Microworkers Is Beneficial for Bloggers?
  9. How to Make More Money from Microworkers?
  10. My Personal Experience About Mircoworkers?
  11. Top Noticing Points of Microworkers?
  12. Problems Face by Its User's [Exclusive Covered by Ujjwal Kumar Sen]
  13. Best Alternative to Microworkers
  14. New Updates from Microworkers Regarding PIN Verification
About Microworkers Review 2018 in Brief-
Well, I have written this article years back got great response, having 55 comments and of course people asked lot of questions regarding this network, no doubt they paid me, there are many also got paid from this network.

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But, one of the biggest problem people have is getting PIN from them, so if you are also one of them who is facing the same problem then to check your mailing address or change it, if possible to urban areas it will increase the probability of receiving PIN, the same problems also faced by Indian users.

Then don't worry, I'm going to give all answers of above questions one by one-

What is Microworkers? is one of the popular websites, which offer small jobs to people, like you and me, for doing those small jobs you'll get paid.

Now the big thing, who is providing these job- the answer is quiet simple business people, those want to increase their internet presence.

Well, this platform work for them as advertisement platform, this is better than even advertising network but up to extent.

Well, I hope there is nothing to do for you.

Let me tell you the popularity of the website in the world according to Alexa, microworkers having about 23,000 worldwide rank.

That's really good.

That's means, there are thousands of people working with Microworkers, so there is no need to worry about Microworkers Network.

Is Microworkers Legit or Scam- Doubt Right?

Of course this is a legit network, actually I was confused like you, that's why I've started doing their job offers.

And I got paid from them, just couple of days ago.

Here is the screen shot of the payment, actually they have sent me through Paypal-

Microworkers is a legit network, I got my payment from them in time, Thank you microworkers
Microworkers Payment Proof

Now, I think you're sure that Microworkers is a legit network, which offers good micro jobs as well as paid their micro workers.

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That is blogging!

I am offering such course only for RS1499 one time, copy that. and you will get lot of things to learn and grow in blogging from starting to earning money from blog step by step.

 Microworkers Phone Verification Problem-

There are many of my blog readers got problem to get pin through post card as well as phone verification problem, if you are facing this problem then I will suggest you to wait for two to three days and go through the process

If it will not work.

Then you must contact their support team, they will definitely help you to solve your phone verification problem on Microworkers.

How to Make Money from Microworkers?

The big question?

Yes is it!

Because, if you'll not make money then there is nothing you're going to get whether it is a legit network or any thing else.

So, here I'm going to tell you few tips to make more money from Microworkers, well you need to work then only you are going to make more money.

Well may be you're thinking how much they paid for doing small jobs like SignUP, Facebook Likes etc, actually they Paid around .08 to .20 cents for each small jobs.

Yes, this much only, but not bad at all because the payment is fixed if you'll complete the work properly.

Now by this you'll make few dollars per day, but you can make more than even 10$ per day, but you need to have blog for this.

If you already have then very good.

But you don't one even then very good, because you can create your own blog, even make more money, I've very good news for you, I'm giving blogging coaching for free with full time support from beginning to pro.

Because they offer to write about their offer, product etc on your blog and you'll get paid about 2$ per post, if you'll complete five offers per day, then you can earn 10$ easily.

How Much Money You Can Make from Microworkers?

Well, if you're thinking about it, then I'm sure you'll become some one in the internet.

Actually, every blogger even internet millionaire said don't motivate by money, but I said motivate by money or by any thing else.

This is up to you.

But no matter what will happen, don't compromise with quality, value in your work.

Generally, if you'll work for 1 hour per day, then you can make easily two to three dollars, if you have your own blog then you can make more.

I think that's not bad at all.

How to Withdraw Money from Microworkers?

Actually, it takes little time.

But let me tell the whole procedure for it.

You have to have about 10$ in your account for withdraw request, but out of 10$ you need to earn only 9$ for getting first payment, because they will give bonus of 1$ for Sign Up.

Now you can withdraw your money through Paypal (Fee 7.5%), MoneyBrokers (Fee 6.5%), Dwolla (Fee 6.5% but for USA users only).

I'm an Indian that's why I preferred to use Paypal, you can use any one of them according to your suitability.

After withdraw you need to wait for 30 days, they will send you a letter to your providing address on Microworkers.

That letter having one pin, you need to put that pin on Microworkers to get paid, after adding your pin you'll get paid within 2 to 4 days, I got paid within two days.

How Microworkers is Useful for Marketers? 

Marketing the big name in business, online is the place for original business.

Great Opportunity for Marketers those wanted to increase their presence in the internet, but make sure you have very good product that's why people will be happy.

I mean think about it, if you'll give offer to SignUp for getting news letter on latest technology, then probably you'll get more benefit than any selling product offer.

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How to Make More Money from Microworkers?

If you are thinking about making more money from microworkers then I must say you need to work for more time.

Well, there is another one method to earn more money from microworkers, here is that actually I did it, there are many advertisers wanted to write you a blog post on your blog and for that they will pay you about 2 to 3 dollars per blog post and that's good.

Suppose that, if you will write even 4 blog posts daily then your job done, I hope you are working on Microworkers for some pocket money.

Then having your own blog is the best way to earn some more bucks online, actually its not easy for beginners to create a blog, but yes you can easily do it, if someone will provide thorough guidance then you can do it quite easily, therefore I am here to help you.

After looking at the problems of many people, I have created a blog post which is having details guide to start a blog to make money online.

My Personal Experience About Mircoworkers?


Yes, couple of years back in 2009 when I have started searching about making money online in that time one of my friend told me about this website.

But, I did not work for this website.

Yes, I got paid after long time, that means it s legit network, because I am making more money from blogging that's why I have started doing other things than doing micro microworkers.

If you are newbies to internet world then it is a good platform to start earning online, its not bad to earn some pocket money on spare time.

My overall experience with Microworkers is good.

How to Sign Up with Microworkers-

Here are steps I am going to share with you that's why you can easily get your Microworkers account- 
  1. First go to
  2. Then click on "Register for free"
  3. Now you will get a form to fill, please fill this form carefully that's why you will not make any mistake
  4. Now you need to verify your e-mail address
  5. That's it
Now, you can use your account to start earning on Microworkers

Top Noticing Points of Microworkers?

Here is most important points about Microworkers-
  • Its free to join
  • There is joining bonus $1
  • Minimum balance to withdraw is $9
  • It is a legit network
  • Alexa rank of this website is 12,000
  • There are about 939 websites give back links to this website
  • You can get payment through Paypal
  • My overall experience was good, I will give 8/10

Pros and Cons of Mircoworkers-

Well, it is for sure there must be few Pros and Cons of everything exist in this world, so here I am to share with you few pros and cons of this network, that's why you can get more inside about this network, which helps you to earn couple of dollars per month.

Actually, let me share with you a simple statistics of this article there are more than 15000 people read this article and there are more than 100 comments, mails and message I have received from people all over the world.

Few said thanks for providing such pretty cool information few said how to get pin and there are few other questions I have received from many.

Okay, let share with you few pros of this network-

Pros of Microworkers-
  1. Payment you can receive on time
  2. Wide range of small tasks to complete
  3. Smart use interface easy for newbies to complete task
  4. You can withdraw payment through Paypal
  5. Good customer support
Cons of Microworkers-
  1. For Indian it is really difficult to received pins on time at least took 20 days
  2. You can not earn BIG money
  3. Monthly payment

Problems Face by Microwkers User's [Exclusive Covered by Ujjwal Kumar Sen]-

This is something new, amazing, most important and of course helpful for all those wanted to know more about microworkers and of course you are also one of them who wants to know more about this platform, okay I know almost all came to my blog especially to read this blog post they wanted to know about it's services and these that okay other than this there are many those are really getting few problems, I am going to share with you those problem with you-

1. Questions- How to Received PIN from Microworkers? [This question asked more than 50 times to me, on Facebook, comments, directly mail and so on]
Answer- Okay, I can tell you mine one, I am from India and I have set my native place address and that's a village I have received it within 20 days after placing request.

2. Questions- Is this a legit platform?
Answer- Yes, this is legit platform, because I got paid from them.

3. Questions- I don't have last name [The most recent one]
Answer- But, I have dude last, middle name and of course first name so, sorry I can not help you just contact their support team.

4. Questions- How to earn more from Microworkers?
Answer- That's little impossible to earn $1000 from microworkers but yes you can earn some pocket money easily.

5. Questions- How many days required to receive PIN in India
Answer- About 20 days.

Best Alternative to Microworkers-

When you are thinking about best alternatives to Microworkers then I can tell you to try only two networks, but one of them is completely different but yes effective to earn money online, well both of them are popular, may be you are interested to know name of those alternatives-
  1. Mturk- One of the most popular micro jobs website like Microworkers, but mturk is a e-commerce giant Amazon group company.
  2. Blogging- My and there are millions favourite because its easy and effective to earn passive income online, well let me tell you a best thing about blogging which you must know before you are going to try to do blogging, there are only 3% bloggers become successful because either they learn from someone or else they never quit blogging, so the first option is great for all, those are beginners and wanted to earn money from blogging, for the ease of newbies I have shared a details guide blog post which is about Blogging Guide for Beginners [Must Read if you want to earn money from blogging].
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That's why I am giving away by offer to create a pro blog for you, you just need to sit back and enoy, Within few days you will get a professional blog means-
  1. You will get a .com domain name cost about 500 RS
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  4. And of course my e-book which worth RS 249
  5. That's not all you will also able to earn 40% to 80% commission.
I know may be you are thinking how much I am going to charge for this, at least 5000 RS, because I am giving away my five years of experience for you, all right for the ease of people I am giving all these only for 499 RS, yes I am creating a professional blog only for 499 RS.

Remember my dear its limited time offer only for first 100 people.

If you wanted to start your own self host professional blog, then I will suggest you to go for Bluehost hosting, I am giving Bluehost India Discount Coupon Code also, there are many reasons behind starting your own blog because these websites only can help you to earn some pocket money, but if you wanted to earn real money means you will work once and you will keep earning then you need to have blog and start writing with your passionate things and then sure you will get success other than these I will suggest you to grab my pro blog offer, because it is one of the awesome way to kick start your blogging journey.

Three most important things you need to learn to get success through blogging-

  1. Learn how to write awesome content that's why people will read, because according to Superstar Blogger Neil Patel there are only 20% people read the whole article others just read headlines, so its your own task to make them read your article, once you will do this, your job done, so I mean writing is most important
  2. Finding out people want and full fill their requirement, you can use keyword research tool for this.
  3. Monetization guide, see without knowing proper monetization method you can not earn money because only getting traffic to blog is not good enough to earn money from blog, you also need to know how to earn money from visitors, so for you I have written an awesome e-book as well as guide must read- Smart Way to Monetize Blog.

Update from Microworkers About PIN Verification-

Microworkers did an announcement about removal of PIN requirements upon withdrawal when using Transpay and soon to other payment methods too (Dwolla, Payoneer).

I heard they are constantly exploring options to verify their Workers w/o the need for sending PIN to one's home address. This is great is not it.

Microworkers is good, because they paid, but be aware of scams website there in the market, but I'll recommend you to create your own blog to excel your knowledge.

What I got from blogging, I'm thankful to the Vint Cerf (The Internet, Inventor)

What else you think about Microworkers? Did you get paid?

I'll be happy, if you share with me your experience with Microworkers.


  1. Here are the best sites to get FREE twitter/facebook/youtube followers/likes/views and many more so you can complete all the best paid MicroWorkers jobs:

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  2. evry time one i want to withdraw my money i have to wait 30 days or only 1st time microworker send the pin code? please reply me on

    1. I think it's not a major problem, why you are not contacting with their support team.

      I think they will definitely help you to solve this issue.

      Thanks for asking.

    2. The first time you withdraw they send a pin to your registered address to confirm your identity. I get paid within 48 hours now. You only have to the verification process once so waiting for your first withdrawal is the hardest part.

    3. Hey @Rory

      You are right, thanks for sharing your story about Microworkers

      Is there anything else I could help you to earn money online?

    4. Can i get paid through bank transfer?

  3. Nice tips ... thanks for this artical sharing

  4. Hi Ujjwal,

    The information you given this blog is very nice & useful, and also looks motivating to other to work in microworkers.

    You said that, if we have blog and if we write about offers of the product we get paid $2 by companies.

    Can you guide other and give more information about this topic?, right now i dont have any blog but i am looking to create blog only after reading your blog.


    1. Hello @Bharat

      Tell me what type of help you want, if you want me to create a professional blog for you then contact me on Facebook-

      I will definitely help you?

  5. Helllo nice information can u plss tell me how to verify mobile no. on microworkers i tried many times no success no pin received from them im vry thankful if u help

    1. I think you should talk to their support team regarding this.

      Thanks for reading my blog.

  6. I just want to know, how many days take to withdraw my money to my skrill account? I was submitted correct PIN also,

  7. i m from india, aint it a problem while working for microworkers

    1. No, Because I did not face any problem while using Microworkers

      Thanks for reading @Gaurav

    2. Hello, Sri

      Sorry to heard about that but still I will suggest you to contact them.

      In this situation only they can help you.



    1. Hello, I can understand your problem, but dear I have one unique suggestion for you.

      Why you are not changing your postal address to any urban place, that's why it would be easier for them to reach the letter to you.

      I hope you are getting me.


  9. there is an option for sending pin to your email address... so no more 30 days wait...

    1. NO there there is not option to get pin through mail

      Thanks asking @Deepu

      If you need any help to earn money online let me know?

  10. Hi Ujjwal.. :)) how aree you.. Hope to be fine and great.. :))
    Ujjwal.. I recently resign from my private job, and wants to become full time employee on Microworkers and some other sites.. so is it a good idea for earning 10k to 20k or not. and I have no Blogs. Sugeest to carry on here or not.

    1. Hello @Rohit

      You can earn that much money from Microworkers, but I will suggest you to start blogging, if you are interested in earning money online then connect with me on Facebook.

      Thanks for reading my blog

  11. Usually how many days are required to receive the pin for our first transaction?

    1. See, if you are Indian then hardly it will take 15 to 20 days to reach the pin to your address by post.

  12. I have been waiting for 1 month for recieving the pin please somebody help me and i am from tamilnadu

    1. Just contact Microworkers support team.


  13. My account was terminated without any reason or explanation. That makes me very suspicious abot that site, maybe its a scam

    1. I think you should contact micro worker's support team.

  14. Helllo Ujjwal nice post and glad to know you are from india too i have been working on microworkers for the past one year back and earned decent amt there but was unable to withdraw a dime PIN NOT RECEIVED i have tried several times contacted support even changed my previous submitted address but all in vein so my question is which address should we use???? i have given my home address do we need to register our home address??? i see you have suggested sri ram to change postal address to any urban place can you please enlighten it more???

    1. Yes you can do it, for getting Pin code from Microworkers, sorry to heard about the problem you are facing with Microworkers @Bishal

  15. Thanks Ujjwal for your time but question do i do it???you used which address to get your pin?? sorry to put it on you...but i desperately need your help...hope you will understand!

    1. My own permanent address, thanks @Bishal Roka

  16. nice article i want to earn money i am newer in internet i join ptc sites but i am not satisfied please guide me. i create blog in here the link plz check it and guide me right now i earn nothing..

    1. I don't recommend to join PTC sites, I prefer blogging to earn money thanks @Yogi

  17. Hi, is there any option to edit address once submitted, if so pls guide to edit it..Thanks in advance

    1. I don't think so, you can contact their support team, thanks

  18. Hi, is microworker American base network? I just received my pin yesterday I am from US and I wonder why the mail came from Slovenia I am worried what if this is a scam and just want to get a way to my bank account.

    1. I think you should contact their support team, thanks @Marivic

  19. Sir plz help, I have completed many tasks on, but could not prove them. So I am not paid. Plz sir tell the proper way how can I do tasks to promote my working rate.

    1. Hey @Balor Singh

      I am really sorry to heard about it that you are unable to earn money from Microworkers, I think you must read their instruction and then work on it.


  20. How to verify mobile number in india. Every time i sen request to send pin, it doesn't come.

    1. I am really sorry to heard about this, but I think you must contact their customer support team

  21. I requested to widthraw, 16 days pass but until now i didnt recieve the pin, then suddenly they banned my account without any reason. Why? So that i cannot continue to withraw what i earned?

    1. Hello @Shana I am really feeling bad to know that you did not receive pin from Microworkers and its been 16 days.

      If you are belonging from India then it will take at least few more days or try again to get PIN.

      If you need any help regarding this issue let me know.

  22. I have problem in getting register with Microworkers because i dont have surname but its showing compulsory to Enter both First name and Last name. What should i do please help me

    1. Hello, This is really a problem okay, I think you need to contact Microworker's support team, thanks.

  23. Hello sir i am arun Dalmiya from nepal. I am poor . plz helped me 009779852049301 my contact numbers

    1. Hello @Arun

      Just start blogging, if you want more help then contact me on FB

  24. hi sir. i have request a pin to my address for withdrawl on january 29th 2016. but today is march 14th of 2016 means 45th day since i have requested the password.i am from india. so what to do, plzz sir suggest me.i have also contacted their support tema. they r saying wait to some more days meand they said 30 to 40 days.but now it is 45th day. what to do.plzz sir plzz sir help me

    1. Hello, In this issue only their support team can help you to get PIN.

  25. Hello, I am really happy that I have found the blog post because me too from India and I did not receive PIN from microworkers till now.

    1. Actually wait for sometime or request for PIN again.

  26. hello, I am from India, I raised request for PIN on 04-04-2016 and i got my PIN on 20-04-2016.

    1. Really happy to know about it that you got PIN in India from Microworkers @Pallavi

      if you need any other help let me know

  27. great article especially who wants to earn online
    thanks Ujjwal

    1. Hello @Kiran

      Yeah, but its not making lot of money but yes you can earn some pocket money without tension.

  28. In case you missed it, they just put up an announcement today about removal of PIN requirements upon withdrawal when using Transpay, and soon, to other payment methods too (Dwolla, Payoneer).

    I heard they are constantly exploring options to verify their Workers w/o the need for sending PIN to one's home address.

    This is a wonderful start they're taking for such huge step.

    1. Hello, yes you are right thanks buddy for the update, I am just going to update it on my blog soon.

  29. Thank you for this useful update. I have been doing with microworkers for the past six months. still have earned $60. I want to know, some facebook, twitter and google+ job cannot take and done. whenever click that jobs, the website is showing "Malformed URL". Can you please help me to this kind of job?

    1. Yeah, I can understand your problem for this you must contact their support team, because in this regards only Microworkers support team can help you.

      Other than this if you want to earn more then contact me.

      Thanks @Dhandapani Perumal

  30. Thank you for your reply.

    I had info from support team, that this not their end.

    Ok, May I know, is there any good legit website like MW for earning?

    1. Hello @Dhandapani

      Yeah, I will suggest you to start blogging for more details contact me on FB

  31. hello, I am from Philippines and I read your blog about I was scrolling down I became interested..can I also work for them?

    1. Yeah, you can if they provide permit to work for Philippines people

  32. Hello, I'm from Tunisia, and I would like to know if this website works in my country... thanks in advance

    1. Best of luck @Zouari

      Is there anything I can help you to earn part time income online.


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