Well I am providing a complete solution for Feedburner, that's why I any newbie can use Feedburner for their blog, because still I remember, when I have started blogging in that time I was unable to create Feedburner subscription widget for my blog, but after three years of blogging, I have learnt many things and Feedburner one of them, so I have created many blog post on Feedburner with different topic.

So, today I am going to share with you, to know your subscribers, because it is also useful for you that which countries people are reading your Feed blog post the most.

So, here is the tips for you, it's simple but I will make it more simple for you like always step by step guide.

First go to Feedburner.com then log in to your account, now you will see dash board right, now click on Feed title, for which feed you want to see your subscribers activity country wise.

Then you will the dash board for that Feed title, here I have also given below a screen shot-

Now probably you have see this above like dashboard on your desktop or laptop right, so here is the main part of this tutorial.

That is "Map Overlay".

This option you can see on the left hand side of your desktop, just make a click on "Map Overlay", you will see your blog subscribers activity country wise.

As I can see now for my Indian education directory blog www.instituteofindia.com

I have also given below a screen shot of it-

Hopefully you can see your blog subscribers activity now, if you are having any problem ask me by giving comments below, I will definitely help you.