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Affiliate Network for Bloggers to Make Money
Affiliate networks or may be getting affiliate programs are best to make money online, if you wanna make serious money from your blog then choose affiliate networks.

In the next article I will tell you about best affiliate networks to make more money from your blog, some times the affiliate network is good but we can not choose the right campaign to promote, that's why our CTR is not become good.

Affiliate programs are like not advertisement network, you will not get paid for per click, but of course you can get paid for pay per lead or sell.

In the applying of affiliate programs may be you will not make any money but after some time when you will sell product then you will see the difference between affiliate networks and advertisement networks.

Most of the bloggers don't use advertisement network they only promote affiliate networks to make money online.

One of the best place to find affiliate programs to make money from blog I have already share with you about ClickBank.

I will recommend you to try affiliate network for making more money from your blog, that does not matter whether you are getting traffic from USA or Indian or any other country.

Just try this because ClickBank having wide range of product just choose any one product according to your blog suitability.

I think you wanna make more money from your blog that's why you are reading this article right?

So got for it, first try ClickBank reason I have already told you, if you have not read the article then let me tell you then ClickBank give upto 75% commission.

This much commission no one can give you, may be because of this most of the affiliate marketer use this network.

You can use it too, you don't need any technical skills it's too simple, in my next article I will share in details how to promote ClickBank product.

Affiliate Networks are good for bloggers to make more money and golden opportunity to become a professional blogger too.

According to me we can promote an affiliate product by writing an article about the product on our blog.

One more benefit for promoting affiliate program is you will about full control on the advertisement on your blog.

But whenever you will put advertisement code on your blog, then you will not have control on your blog.

So, go for it, let me know about your result!!!


There are still many things to share with you, well it's only for Indian or other countries bloggers, where Clickbank does not work.

It's only because of Clickbank payment system, they only accept payment through Credit Card and Paypal, what I have observed till now.

So, as an Indian there is problem, because in India, it is quiet easy to get Debit Card but quiet difficult to get credit, until and unless you are not an employee or business person it is really difficult to get credit card it's true.

Well, I can not give solution to you for getting credit card.

But, I can tell you where you can find out other alternatives for it.

There are only two best options available now and those are-
Amazon and Flipkart

Yes, these are best options for you.

I am not sure about Amazon that much about Flipkart.

But still both are good to sells their product through your blog and make commission, it's not difficult but it's quiet easy.

I am going to write complete guide about this, in my next coming blog post. But still you can start making money from these two websites in India.