If you heard about this that Facebook is going to buy WhatsApp for 19$ Billion then you have heard right.
Facebook to Acquired WhatsApp Said Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook
Facebook to Acquired WhatsApp Mark Zuckerberg

Actually there is a buzz in the all over internet about it.

What's why I am here to share with you, that Facebook is Going to Buy WhatsApp.

But I think, nothing is going to change for users, probably users are going to get more benefits of it.

Actually this is not the first App Facebook is going to buy, Facebook already acquired Instagram because of it's popularity increasing in photo sharing.

Now, WhatsApp having more than 450 Millions users, if you see population of Facebook then it's about more than double of WhatsApp

It is true popularity of apps in the internet world in increasing day by day after mobile operating system introduced by Google that is Android.

In last year Yahoo also acquired Summly for about 30$ Million the news sharing apps, that was also a good story of the child( Nick D'Aloisio), who created Summly.

I think the apps market is still to grow, just like Line apps also growing and of course VithU app the security apps also growing.

I think, for students or those are hungry about money then they must enter in this market, if  you are interesting to create your own Apps without technical knowledge and probably want to make Million, Billion of dollars the here is the link for you- Click Here