Permalink, Custom URL

As a blogger, I always do experiments to find some thing new which would be useful for other bloggers and me too.

Here, I have found some thing new for you which is useful for getting better visitors from search engines.

You must try this, which would be useful because I have also check this tactic is using many probloggers.

But, I want you must use this tactic!!

So, here is the tactic, you won't need to do any special just create a post as you always do, but before publishing the post use the tactic as I am using.

After writing the article, see on the right side then you can see these options as I have given below the screen shot.

Now you can see the third number option "Permalink".

Now click on the "Permalink" then you will see options will open as I have given below screen shot.
Permalink, custom URL

Now click on "Custom Permalink",  then a box will open as I have given below on the screen shot.

Now write main key words of your article like my this article SEO for Blogspot blog like the same I am giving link name SEO for Blogspot blog, now click on done.

Then you will see the link as I can see for my this article link, I have also given below screen for your better understanding.
Custom URL, Permalink
But one more practice you can do, that is use underscore in between two words on permalink, I have practice it and got much help than not adding underscore in between words.

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See the difference in ranking in the search engine.

Let me know how it is helpful for you, I am sure it will help you to get more visitors to your blog and friend "you and me" both know traffic equals money. Even you need to refer SEO tools which will help you to know your competitors and their strength this is the best way to beat the competitors I recommend a tool with discount that is KWFinder Promo Code 2020.

Benefits of Using Custom Permalink on Blogger-

There are of course having benefits of doing this little work before clicking on the publish button, but you need to stick to this, actually there is a very good way to choose permalink, actually I have used this way and got benefit, see if your blog post title is the same as people do search on the search engines and also the permalink then I am sure your blog post is going to get may be top position on the search engines.

But, sometimes big companies do get lot of back links to even their new article that's why there ranking is much better but not worry, if your blog post is in the first page then even you are doing great job and you are going to get benefit from it.

Because, more number of quality blog posts you will write on your blog then your blog post ranking will be keep increasing within few months and you will see much traffic coming to your blog and till that time have patience and keep blogging.

One of the big mistake made even pro-bloggers, after getting great position in the blog-o-sphere they start falling down because they don't do hard work to keep there or may be getting better position, I must be thankful to CopyBlogger that blog is still having great position and they are improving each day, the reason is simple they are putting effort and improving their content each and every day.

That's why people love to be there.

If you can do this then, I am sure, your readers will love to read your blog, but you need to keep doing all these things for getting good rank, helping people and more important to make them happy.

Its a win to win situation, you can have all these but the only way is helping people and the best way is try to fill a gap in the internet by you, probably which gap no one filled till now, well you need to search for that gap and have patience to work to get success in blogging.

Once you will get success in blogging then you will earn much more money than your day job, may be you will see you are earning more money from blog in a month than your annual salary from day job, but of course you need to do real hard work to have that day.

I will suggest you to celebrate that day that's why you can make it to one day.