Permalink on Blogger means URL(Universal Resource Locator) of the blog post, as I have written this blog post, the blog post have own unique URL.

Well, I will also show an example of it, here is the URL of this blog post, you can match with this URL from your Browser (top tab).

Here is the URL or Permalink-

Okay, I hope you got it.

Well, I am going to share with you an unique tips, for which tips I was looking for but I today I got it.

Okay here are-

Steps You Need to Follow for Changing Permalink-

Go to Blogger<Sign In<Click on Blog<Click on Posts<Click on Edit(Which Blog Post URL you want to change)

If you are getting problem to go through these steps then you can read my details blog post with screen shots of each steps-
Now you can see your blog post, on the blogger writing article box, which you usually see whenever you write new article.

If you are editing your blog post first time then I am sure you are seeing your content also that is the difference between writing new article and editing old article.

I know you knew it, just kidding.

Okay, let me tell you the real fact for changing your old blog post URL.

At this stage you can see, another new button generally you do not see, while writing new article, here is the screen shot of it for your better understanding.
Permalink Custom URL change of Old Blog Post on Blogger
Change URL of Old Blog Post on Blogger

Now Click on "Revert to Draft", then you will see the option will disappear from there within few seconds, and then you will see option "Save", now exit that tab and go to blogger and again click on Posts, which option you can see on the left side of your monitor.

Now, you can re-edit that blog post.

Now you can see option of Custom URL link, like you can see while writing any new blog post.

If you are new to this concept(Permalink Custom URL), then you can read my blog post, here is the link of it-

If your blog post loose traffic only because of bad URL structure that is permalink then this is the best way to make it right.

I hope you liked it and it will be helpful for you.

Is there any thing I could help you in blogging let me know.