Facebook introduced email services long back, I hope you know that's why you are reading this article, but I have not found any one providing guide about this topic(Facebook email services), but Facebook email users are getting problem to use it.

I came to know about this from one of friend, he told me, he unable to know where to see his emails on Faceboook.

Actually big problem is that, you can not know easily see where your emails are going, emails those you got through your Facebook email address.

Today, I am going to tell you step by step guide to do it.

Okay, I hope you have log in to your Facebook account right now, now you can see the bar on the top of your screen as I have given below the screen shots-
I hope you can now able to check your all emails, those emails you got from your Facebook email addresses.

The big question is going on!

Okay I'm just guessing it, because I am not sure about it.

Probably you are thinking, is your replies to emails will go to their respective email addresses inbox.

Yes! Of course.

It's like that only.

Hey, I have good news for you.

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I hope this is a simple tutorial.

Now I think, you don't have any problem regarding this, even then if you have question regarding your any problems then comment below, I will definitely solve your problem.