Affiliate Marketing in India
Affiliate Marketing in India
Affiliate Marketing is getting popularity in the world, there is one big reason behind of it, it will make you lot of money online with little work but you must know the right way to do it, yes most probably your little work, but there is also chance to loose money. Because you are going to loose money if you will not work with properly step by step which works in real world.

Actually, I have already written the article for all those want to start affiliate marketing, but for an Indian you need to understand one concept, you are not going to get more sells if you will promote product those only accept credit cards, the reason is simple most of the Indians don't have credit card that's why I am using Instamojo payment gateway to promote my own products because they allowed to payment through various ways like-
  • Through debit card
  • Credit card
  • Even net banking
Because for Indian traffic means Indian visitors it will work, the reason is quite simple that is, there are only few Indians those having credit card.

But, there are many those having debit card to use, that means if you will promote products those offer to buy their products through debit cards or cash on delivery then there are possibilities to get more sells, yes you will get more sells.

Here, I found the best affiliate network for all Indian traffic, the affiliate offer provided by Flipkart, yes Flipkart, but don't choose EGV as payment option in Flipkart, I don't recommend because it was not good for me.

They stop providing such service- After introducing their E-book offer you can earn more money Flipkart offer you to earn up to 15% commission for selling their any product, see there are thousands even more those are buying products from Flipkart, if even .1% people will buy product through you then you can make money, even you cannot imagine.

I hope you got it, what I am talking about.

The concept is crystal clear to you, I hope so.

One more thing, I would like to discuss with you, if you are willing to make more money then create your own product, I know it will take more time, you have to do hard work. But later you will get paid for it, I will write more about creating own products for free and make unlimited commission.

Another very good news for you, actually there is not only Flipkart who is providing affiliate offers there is another networks offered the same- it is Amazon, SnapDeal too.

They even provide wide range of products after all Amazon is the king of online e-commerce in the world, I think you can except good offers from them which will convert raw internet visitors to customers.

After all, no matter how much visitors you are delivering to the products sells page, if people will not buy it then you will not make any commission, keep in mind that thing, that's why even sometimes affiliate marketers loose money if they don't use proper method.

Just reading my blog, you will come to know everything about it but slowly, see just a day ago I got something for you, surely I will definitely shared in my next article.

Steps to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing-

I wanted to make it little step by step, that's why this heading I am putting here, because still there are many those are struggling to find right product and more important thing is that they don't know how to promote right products to get more sells.

1. Understand Audience Need- This is the key to get success in affiliate marketing, without investing even penny, just create a blog, if you have its okay if you don't have Get a Pro Blog for Only 499 remember its a limited time offer, then understand your audience, what they want?

2. Used Any Product Around Their Interest- Now the BIG step my dear, suppose that you are running job notification blog then you can promote books related to the job notification, only you have to pick a right book and promote it on your blog, you will get more sells because you are targeting right audience.

3. Build Your List- List building, means building e-mail lists to promote products just in seconds and help to reach as many readers you can, here is the Pro Plan Which I used that is Get Response- take your free drive today.

4. Track and Analysis- See, without proper analysis you can not get success in online business, because after analyzing things you can scale it up to unlimited level that is the key to get success in online business, remember that.

Affiliate marketing is good but it is little difficult to get sells for Indian traffic if you will not promote right product, because if you will go to sell evergreen products then it is having more probability to get more sells.

Evergreen product means those are needed by all like related to education, money, health.

Is there are anything would you like to add?