Alexa is known an providing metrics and ranking of your blog, website, forums or simple you can say providing metrics of the web presence, today I wanted to check ranking of a blog that's why I went to and then seen a message on the top bar, we also know it as a hello bar- that they are going to change their design and also adding features.

So, I was thinking why not share with you guys, because they have designed the website damn fine, I think every body is going to love it.

Here is the message I got- the screen shot is given below:
Alexa is Launching All New Site Soon Message
Alexa is Launching All New Site Soon: What's New in It
So, finally I went to see, whether they are going to offer something new or not, then I found yes they are offering something new.

Till now I have seen alexa is providing only ranking of your blog world wide as well as country wise sometimes I have seen city wise also etc.

They have introduced a new feature to it but it is a pro feature, you have to sign up for this and this is a paid feature, that is comparison with your competitors.

Comparison feature helps all webmasters to know about their competitors like their strength as well as their weakness. That's why you can easily beat your competitors because knowing the problem is the 50% solutions itself.

Alexa now offering 30 days Free trial for their service.

Other features are same like- Ranking, liked to your sites, keywords, SEO Audits etc

I hope this is going to help many webmasters but the feature of comparison has already been introduced by SEO Moz with a different website-

This is also one of them great tools for webmasters, but launching the feature on Alexa is may be different, later I will share with you about it.

Here is the screen shot of Alexa new look:
Alexa New Look
Alexa added great value to internet webmasters from long time, I hope Alexa will provide more features in future.

What else You think about Alexa?