Google Adsense still the best, that all of us know there are even many reasons behind of this, okay today I will talk about Best Google Adsense Alternatives, no I am not going to tell you few advertisement networks with their features like their minimum withdraw request, their approval process.

Today I will talk with you a real idea to make money from your blog, the best Google Adsense alternatives, see my tips will work for all countries traffic but you need to little familiar with your blog readers- I mean like what they like, what they don't like etc.

Then you can see how money comes into your bank account, actually I was thinking what else way to monetize a blog without Google Adsense, because it is becoming difficult day by day to get approval from Google Adsense, even many got slapped by Google Adsense.

This is blog post is specially for them only those wanted to make money from blogging but don't get approval or slapped by Google Adsense.

There is only network I prefer to join that is, I made more than 155$ within short period of time, even I am planning to make more money with it.

Well, let me tell you why I am preferring you the reasons are quite simple-
  • Easy Approval Process
  • Fastest Payment Options
  • Minimum Withdraw is only 5$
  • You can Promote Affiliate Products With It (Best Thing)
  • Have not Heard Any Thing Wrong About
I'm happy only because of above fourth point, I have not seen any other advertisement network offer this option, that's the reason I am saying this is the Best Google Adsense Alternatives.

Actually I have already share here about my own experiments- Actually I have used two ads network together to increase revenue of my blog.

That blog is having all ideas to promote your affiliate product with, just you need to change the affiliate link with it.

Even you can promote your own blog on other blogs, by most smart way, I hope you are going to love the tutorial.

I hope these reasons are good enough for using see if you are getting more traffic from USA, UK, Canada there is even chance of earning revenue more than 10$ per thousands visitors, which is even much better any advertisement network in the internet world, but the main fact is that everybody is not getting traffic from these countries for them also perform well but need to try few affiliate programs because real money is in affiliate programs.

There is risk even- because if you will not sell then you make nothing so you need to keep experimenting and motivating yourself to do so.

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No matter in which niche you are blogging, there must be a purpose of blogging, the motive behind blogging is the key to be successful blogger.

But money is also a important factor, no one wants to work for free, they also want something, I hope you also want money, I think that's why you are reading this article, you can make lot of money with it but you need to keep experimenting to know which is working for you and which is not.