Bidvertiser Vs Chitika
I can understand your feeling because few years ago I was thinking the same, as right now you are thinking, that which one is better Bidvertiser or Chitika that's why I am writing this review Bidvertiser Vs Chitika

Don’t worry I will give you the real approach to these advertisement networks, as well as I will tell you which one is better in which conditions.

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So let’s start the comparison between these two advertisement networks (Bidvertiser and Chitika), I got these data from my own experience from last few years, I hope you are going to get lots of information 
regarding these two networks-

Name of the Network
     1.      Year of Establishment
     2.      Pay Per Click
.1 to 1.2$
.1 to .25$
     3.      Minimum Withdraw
     4.      Best Thing About the Network
Fast approval process
Amazing CTR
     5.      Modes of Payment
Paypal as well as Cheque
Paypal as well as Cheque
     6.      Referral Commission
     7.      Customer Support
     8.      Approval Process
Quite Fast
Quite Fast
     9.      CTR (Click Through Rate)
1% to 4%
5% to 17%
     10.  Publishers Problem
Less CTR
Low Paid Per Click
     11.  Advertisers Point of View
If you are looking for only visitors to your website then it is good but for selling products ROI (Return of Investment) is not good.
If you are looking for cheap traffic then it is amazing specially from Asian countries like India, Srilanka
     12.  How Many Times I Got Paid
Numerous Times (More than 10 times)
Numerous Times (5 Times)
     13.  My Review
     14.  Traffic Location Matter 
If you are getting majority of traffic from English speaking countries then your will be earn better than Asian countries traffic
If you are getting traffic from US, Canada then you are going to get paid much more than Asian countries of course your CTR will not get down.
     15.  Want to Join

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Bidvertiser Review as Indian Publishers

Bidvertiser Review, Indian Publishers, Google Adsense Alternatives

Over to You-
See every advertisement networks share their revenues with their publishers that’s true, here both advertisement networks are good, if you are thinking to monetize your blog then I have very good tips for you, try both networks for one week only.

See, which network let you earn more, then go with that advertisement network, one more tip I could like to share with you, if you want to earn more from your blog then try affiliate marketing with advertisement networks.

Is there anything else I can help you?