Blogging is going to be crazy the reason is internet people are increasing like any virus and there is full chance more people will use internet in future but there is difference between successful and un-successful blogger so here you will learn lot of things about becoming successful blogger as well as why people about why people quit blogging, I hope so you know all these, internet is the fastest way for communications, therefore the users of internet will increase and of course if you will establish a business then your business will definitely grow which is dead sure.

Now come to the point, actually couple a days ago one of my blog reader ask me, how any one can become successful blogger and why most of the bloggers fail in blogging, the question is very good because there are only 2% bloggers those are really making money online and others are only trying.

So, I try to figure out the main reason behind of this- I have visited, read many tops blogs in the world, later I will write a blog post on this, which will improve your blogging career tremendously, I know it.

Well, lets come back to the main point, actually I am talking about- the difference between successful blogger and unsuccessful blogger, the reasons are many I will list below but the main reason is YOU!

Yes, YOU!

I know, you are little confused, are you? May be I am just guessing, may be you are thinking How I?

Here, is the answer- if someone become something in his or her life because of his or her effort only, if you will put effort then other sources will be available automatically.

The live example is you! I am pretty sure you did achieve something in your life, what is the main reason behind this- YOU!

How to Become Successful Blogger Reasons Inside

Okay that's the main reason, now I am going to give few quick tips that's why you can become successful blogger-
  • Time Matter in Blogging (Patience)- I know when first I have created my blog, I have posted 15 blog posts in a day, that was crazy right, because I wanted to get quick traffic to my blog, that's why I did not get success for that blog, but later I realize that no one is going to read my blog, unless I will not put effort, so here I did- I have started writing full descriptive blog post, which help me lot, for all these you need patience, remember to write a good article you need at least 4 hours and you need another 20 to 30 minutes to make it user friendly, because you can not write the error free article in the first attempt.
  • Don't be in Hurry- Be in hurry it means you will make mistakes, in blogging never do this because in blogging you have to be professional and in professional life mistakes are not good at all, it will effect your career even, then what should you do? you must be going step by step and again it will take time.
  • Believe in Referral Commission- There are numerous ways to monetize your blog but most popular way is putting ads on your blog and that's it, but the another way to make consistent money by referring your fellow readers a service like web hosting, e-mail marketing etc, it will make it easy to make money, last month I was reading an article the person is making over 60,000$ for just referring readers to join a web hosting company for hosting their blog, it is not just one time, he will earn commission every year when they will renewal their hosting service. 
  • Solve Real Problems- Solving real problems a tough job, that's why every body don't go behind this, because it takes really long time, even sometimes a week, but later it will worth it. one of the best way to find out real problems of people that is keyword planner which is offered by Google Adwards, go there and find out what people are search then search for the same keywords if there is not good solution to it then provide it, it will help you lot even it will make you successful in very short period of time, but even then it will take few months.
  • Write Lengthy Descriptive Contents- Over one year I am seeing those bloggers are writing lengthy and descriptive content their blog posts are really performing well, so I will suggest you to a write blog post daily if possible and write at least 1000 words blog post and of course your blog post must have few bullets as well as headlines.
  • Try Yourself First then Tell Others- As a blogger you must try first yourself and then share with your blog readers of course it will take time but later you will get benefit of it, your each post even capable of driving thousand of visitors, yes 1000 visitors per day per post and there are still million bloggers those unable to drive even 100 visitors per day consistently.
  • Love Blogging- Enemy between you and blogging is money, yes money. If you will not earn money then probably you will demotivate and finally you will quit blogging like many did and of course many will do it but you don't need to because you need to just concentrate satisfaction of your traffic or readers that's it, money will automatically follow you.
  • Don't Except too Much From Blogging- Expectation always kill passions, in blogging I know you need money, but first you have to make your blog useful that's why people will through you money, as much money you can not even imagine.
  • One Problem at a Time- In blogging you will write blog post or create videos or may be you will create info-graphics but all of those having only means to get traffic and of course targeted traffic, that's true, but you must concentrate on that you will providing solution to only one problem at a time, don't try to mixed many things together, make it easy for your readers.
  • SEO- Use it Properly- SEO is key to become a successful blogger the reason is search engines can deliver traffic to your blog daily and of course for free that means this is a great source to become a popular blogger, but you need to use it properly, its a long story that's why I have putted all information about SEO in a blog post, for better SEO you need to have good hosting service provider that's why page loading speed will be very fast, I will recommend you to use IO ZOOM Hosting, I am giving also discount on this hosting, here is it IO ZOOM Discount Coupon.

There is no specific reason for being a successful person or even unsuccessful person, it is you, you have to decide yourself what you want from your life, no matter in which situation you are right now, remember you can become one of the known person because all of resources you want, you all have.

You just have to take action, that's it.

What Else Can Make You Successful?