ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate network in the internet because there are thousands of people making money from ClickBank, it's not in pennies it's in dollars, well because of that only I have tried to start promoting ClickBank products but did not get even a single sell.

So, I was upset and finally decided not to promote ClickBank product because I was thinking why should I loose my advertisement networks revenue.

That's why I quit promoting ClickBank products for few months, but suddenly I got an email from one of my friend about the concept to promote ClickBank products, I was not sure that it will work or not, but it works here is the video of that-

Now, the answer of your question, first of all let me tell you, whether they will send you cheque or not- yes they will send you cheque to India, when you will qualify 100$ then only.

But the thing is that- time will take to reach the cheque to your home is little longer if you are living in metro city then it will take around 15 days but if you are living in village then it will take around 20 days.

Here, is the image of the Cheque I got in India, even in my village-
First ClickBank Cheque India
ClickBank Cheque in India

Then you will have about 70 days to get your cheque in dollars into Indian rupee, although it takes only around 40 days to get all amount in your bank account.

There is no problem about it.

One more thing, in the earlier days if you want to get all your amount in your bank account then you need to get two cheques from ClickBank for Indians, but now its only one cheque needed, so you don't need to think about it.

ClickBank is the great platform for all of us, but you need to be little different to get more sells, may be way of representation, way to convincing people etc.

But I have to say this, ClickBank is goldmine for us.

Is there anything you want to know about ClickBank?