Meta Tags is one of the way to improve your blog visibility on search engines, even there are two ways to add meta tags to blogger, one of the way to add Meta Tags, I have already discuss in this blog, but today I will share with you one of the easiest way.

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What is Meta Tags?

In meta tags webmaster, bloggers write about their blog, what is their blog about in a small summary, more accurate as well as point to point summary is good enough to get more traffic from search engines.

The reason is quite simple, it will improve your blog search engine visibility, remember that and absolutely with one time little effort.

So, here are those steps to follow to write Meta Tags for your blog-

Go to blogger<Then Click on Your Blog<Now Click on Settings(Last Option Left Side on Your Monitor)<Now Click on Search Preferences(This option you can see there only just below).

Now you are almost done.

You are seeing now options Like I can see here for your more understanding I have putted below the screen shot of it-
Add Meta Tags to Blogger
Add Meta Tags to Blogger
I hope you can do it easily but in one step may be you will face little problem actually when you will click on "Edit" you will again have to click on Yes to see the box, as you can see now on the above.

Over to You-
See dear it is of course useful to add Meta Tags to your blogger blog, but it will take time to get the result of doing it.

Because it will help to get more traffic to your blog from every search by the users, hope you are going to love it.

Is there anything would you like to ask about blogging?