Removing word verification is the good way to make it easy to comments on your blog, because those are regularly comments on your blog they can easily comment on your blog, even those blogged on Wordpress platform they don't have this option, because you will not see any Wordpress bloggers using word verification on their comment sections.

Well, this is the another way to increase comments on your blog but there is also a chance of increasing spam comments then you can delete, there is also option for automatic detecting spam comments.

In this article, I will share with you a simple info-graphics with you to solve this problem, actually I am testing it, I have notice many bloggers are creating info-graphic for their blog that's why I have created this, well this is not like any critical graphic is there but this is the simple one, if you liked it then let me know I will share more in future, I am sure you are going to love it, because pictures are always better than words for human beings.

Here is the info-graphic for you-
Remove Word Verification From Blogger
How to Remove Word Verification From Blogger Comments
As I have already mention reasons behind removing word verification from your blogger blog, I did it even on my blog that's why even my blog comments rate has been increased because now any one can easily write comment on my blog without any complexity.

See in blogging you have to make it easy as possible for your readers, that's why they can easily read your blog, even love to read your blog.

Is there anything else I could help you about Blogging?