Photo Image size less than 10 KB, 12 KB, 20 KB, 40KB, that means you want to reduce image size right, I’m pretty sure you are going to fill the form of SSC Junior Engineer, okay that’s not the issue at all, the issue is how would you reduce your image to 12KB and of course you need to set the resolution to 100*120 for image and for signature is different.

Well, there are numerous ways to do it.

But I am going to share with you most simple way to do it, well I am not going to tell you to download or install any tool, not even use any existing tool in your computer.

Well, I am going to tell about a website, to do. There are many websites offer this service but only few those really offered, such accurate as well as anyone can do it tool, its quiet simple as well.
Ways to Reduce Image Size According to Your Requirement
Microsoft Paint
Most of the time people used it for reducing image size but failed because paint is not having such feature that’s why it will meet your expectation all the time
Photo Shop
Great software but difficult for newbie to use this software
Microsoft Photo Editor
Good one for reducing size of the image, setting DPI, personally I did couple of times for my friends
Online Tools
There are many, if you will search you will find lot and got confused [But, below I have provided the right one, which I used and recommend others to use]
Android App
It’s not up to the mark yet.
It’s a good one; I have used to get white background of an image.
Great tool, I must add this.

Steps to Reduce Image Size to 10 KB, 12 KB, 20 KB, 40KB for SSC, UPSC, IITJEE And for Others

  • Go to
  • Now Let the webpage to load first properly then click on "Launch Image Resizer".
  • Then you will see option there to Upload your image, there you will see option "Browse", now click on Browse then Click on the image then click on Open then click on Upload image, which image size you want to reduce.
  • Then let the file to upload, but make sure your file size must be less than 5MB
  • Now you will have all options there to go through according to your requirement, I know this is little difficult for you as a Beginner, that's why I have provided all screen shots, that's why you can follow these steps properly and finally you can reduce your photo image size, even there is option to change format of your image, one more thing I would like to discuss at this point that is Image size, means the target less than 12KB, well you can make it less than 12KB by just reducing quality of the image this option is also there.
All steps with screen shot is given below-
Decrease Photo Image Size Less Than 12KB
Photo Image Size Less Than 10 KB, 12 KB, 20 KB, 40KB
I hope you got the answer and you can now reduce your image size quite easily, well if you will face any type of problem to reduce image size then let me know.
Features of Image Size Reducing Online Tool
Total Image Size
Over 1000 GB and that’s great is not it.
User Experience
Simply awesome and even I have made it very simple by providing step by step guide to use this tool with an info-graphic
Simplicity to Browse
Browsing from computer is easy, just click on browse and there you go
You can resize your image according to your own requirement
Width and Height
Yeah, you can resize width and height of the image, according to requirement
Effects on Image
Well, you can put effect on the image- GrayScale, Sepia and invert
You can even crop the image
Output Format of the image
You can choose output of format JPG
Image Quality
If you want to improve quality of the image, then you can do it

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Simple Way to Reduce Image Size to 10 KB, 12 KB, 20 KB, 40KB-

Here is the simple way to reduce image size, well I know it is little difficult to understand the concept to reduce image size through articles therefore I have something for you, you just need to watch it, I will upload a video tutorial soon on this.

Okay here is the tips, just go to the image and open with paint then you need to just change the format of the image to JPEG and then it's size will automatically reduced. For changing the format of the image you need to click on Save As then you will see a option there to change it's format.

Video Shows you Step by Step Guide to Decrease Photo Size 4KB to 12KB-

Alternative Ways to Reduce Image Size Without Decreasing Quality-

Most of the time what happen we used internet tools to decrease image size, but suppose you need to decrease image size and it is required suddenly and the condition is that your internet is not working. In that case what you are going to do?

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How you can reduce image size without internet connection?

Big problem right, so here I am going to share with you few tools those can help you to do so, I will update more details about it, but today I am going to share with you those tools.

Here are list of tools for decreasing image size-
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Microsoft Photo Editor
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Android apps.
Specially, if you have android phone, then you can easily do such things, just you need to install the app and you are ready for it.

I hope you did it, as I told you there are many ways, but this one is the most simple way as I found, I hope you think so. This article and video help lot of people and therefore you are also going to get help.

Is there anything I could help?

Just comment below.