Popads.net Code to Blogger
There are many people asked me about it, although it is a simple tutorial as well, I will explain whole process that's why you can also do it properly. Already I have written articles on Popads.net, because it is a good advertising network, which paid well  to their publishers as well as in time.

Here are those articles I have written about Popads-
Hope you are going enjoy those articles.

So, let's begin the tutorial, actually whenever you want to add any third party advertisement code to blogger, then you need to go through little steps, those I have already written in my previous blog post, under How to Add Javascript/HTML Code to blogger

After following above those steps, you will come to know how to add Javascript/HTML to your blog, this is really you want, now what- get the code from Popads.net and then paste in the box of HTML/Javascript and then follow the last steps that is Click on Save.

But do not write title, as you are going to get the option to add title there.

You just don't need to do that.

Well, you have done it.

But may be you are thinking, where to place the HTML/Javascript code to your blog template location, well you don't need to worry about Popads.net, because does not matter.

You can place any where Popads.net will show ads.

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No doubt Popads.net going to increase your revenue, but remember do not try to make it multiple window on your blog, actually it will irritate your readers, not even place other Pop ads networks ads in a single blog.

I hope you are going to earn lot of money from Popads.net

Is there anything would you like to know about Blogging?