Create Useful blog and earn money
How to Make a Blog More Useful for Users to Make More Money
Blogging is the best way to become popular in the world, but it is only possible when you will make your blog more useful for your users.

As a blogger you have to provide a more informational contents that's why people will satisfy from your information.

Here I am giving you some tips for this that's why you can make your blog better useful for users:-

1. Use Social Media Sharing:-

First of all if you want to make your blog more useful then you have to use easy social sharing button that's why users can easily reach your contents.

And social media is the best way to reach your content to people, because no matter what you are writing if people are reading then you never come to know about their reactions.

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2. Use RSS Feed:-

This is also a good way to notify your subscribers about your new post on your blog, this the win and win way.

If you say how, because if people want information from your blog that's why they will subscribed your blog feed, Right!!!

Then users will get about your new blog post information and you will get visitors.

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3. Good Design and Easy Drop Down Menu:-

I have seen many blogs not having good design but they wrote very good article, because of this only they never create a good money making blog.

I think you must install good design template to your blog that's why your users can get impressed from your blog design.

Easy Drop Down Menu is must even Facebook use this to make more users friendly, I will recommend you to use this.

4. Publish Comments Having Links:-

Many times users left a link with a comment, that's why many bloggers do not publish their comments.

According to me you must publish, because no is coming to your blog for free, they also want some thing for giving comments.

Here I have also noticed one thing on wordpress blog, CommentLuv is a plugin which give a back link whenever you will do comment on other blogs.

Because of this many wordpress bloggers adopt this plugin, as a blogspot blogger you can also publish link able comment to increase users to blog.

5. Write About Only Few Topics:-

Stick to topic and patience is most important in blogging, why few topics, because in the starting of blogging you will do blog alone only.

Then you have less time to write, so do search on few topics and give best information to your users every day.

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6. Most Important Factors for Making Money from Blog

I know what you are thinking right now, you are thinking about traffic, social shares, followers, may be email lists are needed to make money from blog.

Actually these are needed but you need a right way to make money from blog, that is I called perfect business model for blog.

Why I am saying this?

Because I knew it, I have face this problem about two years ago, in that time I have around 10K visitors- one of my blog, but I did not know how to make money from visitors, that's why I loose money, I mean I did not make decent income.

But, now I am going to share with you the perfect business model to make money from your blog- actually it is not advertisement networks, I mean you can make money like many bloggers did by putting advertisements but it will take more time to do it.

But, if you can make decent income with little traffic then why should you go for that way, I hope you won't want right.

I am talking about only three ways out there and those are-

  1. Create Your Own Product(E-Book)- You can create your own product but your product must be related to your own niche blog only then you can get good conversion rate, but you must put very good decent information in the product that's why people are going to love it.
  2. Promote Good Useful Affiliate Products- Affiliate programs are really good to earn money online from blog, even there are many pro-bloggers those are only depend on affiliate products, I mean they are just promoting good affiliate products to make money online, I have even started sharing Affiliate Programs for beginners you must read.
  3. Join Referral Network- This is my favorite I refer others to join good networks may be web hosting, may be ads network, may be domain name registrar and I make money, but before refer you people, I always use their service for months then I tell others to join, because I don't want to refer anyone to buy anything which is not good, because it will hurt my readers, that is the main reason behind of it. One more point I would like to share with you, you must go for a long time business, I know it will take time but later you will make more money from it.
I hope you are getting me.

See, there are many ways out there but I have shared with you most probable way to make your blog useful and make money from it.

At the last I am going to share with you a useful tips that is about writing a blog post- see every bloggers write blog post but only one blog post on the top of search engine results that's true like every student study in the class but the topper is the only one student, then what is secret behind it. Well, I will tell you the secret behind for blogging, those bloggers always on the top they just write good lengthy helpful information content, they have given more time to it, that's why people spend more time for browsing their blogs.

Over to You-
See dear more time you will spend more valuable content you can deliver, that exactly needed in blogging, if you can deliver important content you can print money like this, but for all these need to invest time.

No matter what will, happen Never Give Up!

Keep blogging that day will definitely come, when people will talk about you and your blog too!!!