After creating a blogspot blog, every blogger must submit their blog to search engines like Google, Bing etc, well as Google acquired that's why you don't need to submit your blogspot to Google, because it will be automatically submitted by Google, even you will see proof of it, that is you will see after creating your blog, on the section of the blog dashboard Google send you traffic through Google search engines.

In this blog post I will share with you how would you submit your blog to Bing search engines step by step guide, see dear Google can deliver you about 80% of search engines traffic but still Bing can deliver you 20% of search engine traffic, which is not bad at all.

So, here is the guide for you, first go the page as given below, just click on the below then you see a page as I have right below a screen shot of it-
Submit Blogspot to Bing
How to Submit Blogspot Blogger to Bing
Now, what follow the instruction as given below on the page, okay I can understand may be you don't know about all these, what is URL all that.

So, first type the name of your blogspot blog, for example may be or .in or any country level domain name, that is depend on in which country you are living but you need to submit with .com only, like

You need to type this just below of "Type the URL of your homepage" on the box, home page URL means root URL.

Like I have already discuss with you about the URL, then after typing URL of your blogspot blog just move down and write captcha as given below, but make sure you are writing same letters as given above, then after click on "Submit".

That's it.

Few Amazing Benefits of Adding Blog to Bing-

Well for any blog, if it is listed in search engines then it is one of the amazing way to drive traffic to blog, here are few benefits of adding blog to Bing-

  1. You will be able to drive organic traffic to your blog
  2. It is one of the popular search engines
  3. Worldwide Alexa rank is only 17, now think about the level of traffic potential this search engine have
  4. If you want to drive traffic from United States, Brazil, United Kingdom and France then you must be with Bing
  5. Branding of your blog will be globally popular

Most Important Suggestion for Blogspot Bloggers-

Well, its been long time I have been blogging and in this duration I have learnt a lot from others and of course from my own experiment too.

These days, I am working really hard to make this blog more popular and I am sure it will be at the end of 2016.

So, here are genuine and of course amazing suggestions for you, if you really serious about blogging to earn money, to increase fans list, to increase your followers on Facebook and what not?
  • Get a domain name for your blog [Really important for branding, SEO point of view and thus earning]
  • Write in depth content 
  • Make relation with others
  • Help and help others without thinking about instant benefits
  • Simply do what common people are not doing but in positive way
Few recommended blog posts for you-

Over to You-
I hope you did it the reason is quite simple it is a simple tutorial of it, okay even then may be you face problem to do it, then don't worry just comment below I will help you.

Next thing may be you are thinking how much time will it take to get index- then I must say don't worry about that you did your job now keep worrying about it that how would you deliver great content that's why your blog readers will be happy.

Is there anything else I could help you about blogging?