There are almost million those do not submit their sitemap to Bing search engines that's why they loose 20% of web traffic because Google is having about 80% web traffic rest Bing and Yahoo, if you will submit sitemap of your blog to Bing it will be index by Yahoo also.

I think world's 20% is traffic is important for any blogger, the reason is quite simple it is also lot, because Bing as well as Yahoo these two are also popular search engines in the world.

What is Sitemap-

Sitemap is a an URL which is having list of your blog post URL, which will allow you to submit your all blog post to Google as well as Bing, at a time at-most you can submit up to 500 URL well you are going to understand all these things through this blog post.

Currently, I have seen increase in traffic from Yahoo as well as from Bing, because of I have submitted my blog sitemap to Bing.

Why Bing is Important for Your Blog-

As a blogger, you can not ignore search engine traffic specially these three Google, Bing and Yahoo, because these search engines having great potential to drive traffic to your blog, you, me and all people knew that if you got traffic then you can print money.

Well, I have already share with you Bing is having potential to drive around 20% search engine traffic remember this.

One of the other big reason, if you want to make more money per thousand visitors then you need to have visitors from English speaking countries like USA, Canada, England.

May be you will be wonder to know that Bing is really popular in USA, so why to loose this potential, if you are going to get all these with only little effort, once you will submit, it will be there for forever, I mean you need to invest your time once and you will get benefit of this forever.

I hope you have already submitted your blog to Bing

Steps to Submit Sitemap to Bing-

Then it's time to move forward, there is one more thing you need to submit your blog sitemap to Bing, that is account on

Well, it's free even there is very good thing about is you can create customize email account like if your blog domain name is then you can create an email account like

I hope you are going to love it, those are new to this information I am sure they will be happy for knowing it, because when I came to know about this from one of my friend few years ago, I was quite happy.

Well, it will help you to create a professional e-mail account, it will even look like professional email address, well if you have then good, if you don't have then get one.

The go to, then you will ask for Sign in with your account then you can simply click on Sign In and then you will be redirect to log in to your account, if you don't have account then click on Sign Up with Microsoft.

Then you will see option there to ad sitemap of your blogger blog, but before going to add sitemap you need a piece of code that is must.

If you will mistake while adding a piece of code then probably you will loose your time as well as you will not get benefit of adding sitemap of your blogger blog.

Okay here is the screen shot what you are seeing right now after clicking on Add A Site Button-
Add Blogger Sitemap to Bing
How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing

I hope so, I don't need to tell you fill the form as you are seeing right now, but I have to tell you about one thing, which is obvious you don't know. i.e. XML sitemap of your blog.

That is here-

If you have less than 500 blogposts, then you can add the first link, but if you have more than 500 blog posts then add another sitemap.

I mean there a single piece of code for each 500 blog posts, if you have more then keep adding, that is depend on number of blog posts you have.

Then at the last save all settings, that's it you have added sitemap of blogger to Bing, one more interesting story I would like to share with you, I did not much share about it at the beginning of the blog post, actually if you will add sitemap to Bing then it will be automatically index by Yahoo also.

That's amazing right!

I hope you are going to get lots of benefit from it.

Over to You-
I hope you are going to get benefit from this, but remember you are not going to increase in traffic in just one day, it will take time may be one week but it will help you that is for sure.

Search engine traffic is really important because it always make you more money than any other traffic like advertisements, referral, back links etc.

Is there anything would you like to add about Bing Sitemap.