Today, I got an e-mail from Twitter through (, which is about "Give your profile a makeover" actually this is the change made by Twitter, I mean you are going to see new look on twitter, here is the below image shown below-
Give Your Profile a Makeover on twitter
Give Your Profile a Makeover- Twitter Profile
I hope this is going to impact on the users of the Twitter, well let me tell you more about Twitter, Twitter is one of the largest social network in the world but it is little different from Facebook, but both platform are incredible for people, bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs I mean all!

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But, basically twitter is known for micro-blogging platform, where celebrities are get connected with their followers easily.

So, the concept! here I got the message well you can see the same message on the above image-

Meet the new you.
Introducing new Twitter web profiles. Now you can add a larger profile photo. Customize your header. Highlight your greatest moment. See all your Tweets, photos, and videos in one place.
And find interesting people to follow — faster than ever.
I hope you are going to love this, actually it is little bit same design like Facebook, okay I am not saying that Twitter is copying Facebook but it is for sure internet people are spending more time on Pinterest (Image attraction)....Infographics also.

I think that's why other social networking also changing their design, well I don't what you are thinking about the new design.

If you want to share here, then most welcome about the new look of Twitter?