Merging two blogs may be good thinking, but it will take time to get visibility of those blog posts, later I will write more about it, because still I am doing experiments on this, well in this blog post I will share with you how you can merge two or more blogger blogs together, that we called in simple language "when you want to be one", well the decision is yours not mine, but you can do it.

Okay lets go to the tutorial, first you need to log in to blogger<then go to your blog<then click on settings this option you can see on the left side of your page<Now Click on Other then you will see option there to export your blog<Just make a click there then you will be ask for saving the file, that's it.

Means, you have to export your blog, actually I have already written a blog post on this topic, you can read step by step guide for doing it, here is that- How to Export Your Blogger Blog

Now you have done half job, I mean now you need to go to the blog, where you want to merge this blog, the same steps you need to follow, go to<click on blog<then click on settings<Then click on other<Now click on Import<It will take time to load that means wait for few seconds then finally you will see a pop up window like right now I am seeing here, okay let me show you the screen shot of it-
Merge Multiple Bloggers together
How to Merge Multiple Blogger Blogs With Simple Steps
Now go for the final step that is Choose the File, click there then you need to select the file, which file you have exported from other blog, then you need to choose the file from there, now the last step you need to do, that is type the text as you are seeing right now.

Then click on import blog.

Now wait for few seconds till the file will be uploaded, you don't need to do anything extra it's done.

I hope the tutorial is easy enough to follow, but the big question arise every time in mind regarding merging two blogs, will effect traffic, I mean will Google index imported blog pages, if those pages will index then their search engine visibility will be same or it will perform below than before.

Big question, I am trying to come to the conclusion for this problem, but it will take time, If I will come to conclusion then I will tell you.

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What do you think about it please share?