ClickBank is one of the largest hub for digital marketers as well as digital vendors, its not from one or two years its from more than 14 years, even I got paid from ClickBank, so there no doubt that ClickBank  is legit or scam like anything, but always as a newbie it is difficult to promote highly converting product, I mean if you will not promote highly converting product then probably you are loosing money, make sense.

One thing is very clear, if any product is converting well then it is dead sure that the product is definitely have some value, which will satisfy their customers, otherwise customer have full 60 money back guarantee, well this is very true, I think because of this people likes Clickbank, I mean all them (Customers, Affiliate Marketers, Vendors).

Okay, now let me tell you the basic fundamental to choose product for promoting, its not like that you will promote any product, promote product which will solve real problem of people like health problem, money problem any software.

Well, these type of products can make you money from any type of blog or website, if you got traffic then you can make money, no doubt about this, see generally ClickBank product popularity known by their gravity, if any product gravity more that means the product is converting well, which is a good sign for you.

Well, I found few products those are highly converting for any country and any type of traffic-
  • Get Cash For Survey (Gravity- 280)- Get Cash for Survey is one of the top most converting CB product from years, I made money for promoting this product, you can also make money, this offer converting for almost all niches blog or website.
  • Google Sniper 2 (Gravity- 260)- Again, this is one of the top most product from years, this product has been used by me and I made money by using the system, if you want to make money then you must promote this product, because of strong reason provided in the sales page of this product the product is converting well from last few years.
  • The Venus Factor (Gravity- 550)- This product is the highest converting product in the entire CB network, as right now I can see here so if you want more commission and you have health niche blog then this is the product for you to make money.
I know you are thinking only three products are hot on the entire CB network, where thousands of transactions taking place every day and all of them like customers, affiliate marketers as well as vendor making pure profit from it.

I have listed products above those are insanely highly converting product that means chances of making money after promoting these products more because people will buy these products, although you can try other product but don't promote product less than 70 gravity.

Is there anything you want to know about ClickBank?