Affiliate Programs are really impressive for making money online, but the big buzz is that you need to have an idea, which product to promote as well as which product is not to promote on your blog, see if you will show ads network ads then even you will earn few bucks but in pennies per click but have you ever thinking making of 100$ per click no! Then its time to think about it.

Actually, not every time you are going to make this much but of course sometimes which is much better than any ads network in this world, I have seen many bloggers those are making money their living from blogging they do not use ads on the their blog, they usually offer service through their blog as well as they sells affiliate product, own products like Darren from he is selling his own product through his blog, Pat Flynn from he is promoting affiliate products on his blog and making over 50,000$ per month, have you ever thinking making 50,000$ per month, it is really difficult is not it.

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That's not all, there are many, couple of months ago I came to know about a blogger, she is Kristi Hines, she is a guest blogger, basically she is known for, recently she also start selling her own products.

There are more than even thousands those are making money from these ways but they are not addicted to ads network, because they knew it, that they are sharing awesome content that's why they deserve it, I mean money!

Affiliate Platform to Choose Products for Promoting-

See, there are many networks in the market to pick and promote affiliate products to make money, but I will recommend everybody ClickBank it is a legit network, because I got a cheque from ClickBank, here are few interesting facts about ClickBank.
  • Exist since more than 16 years.
  • Number of Digital Products- More than 10,000 products ClickBank is having.
  • Daily Transactions- About 35,000 transaction per day.
  • Active Affiliates- More than 100,000! yes you have read it right.
  • Provide Service- ClickBank providing services over 200 countries.
  • Paid By ClickBank- ClickBank paid in 2011 to his affiliates and vendors (product developer) 1.8$ billion. 
Okay, that's awesome, is not it.

Now think about it, if you can get few traction of total daily transactions, then you can make lot of money, but doing it properly and consistently is important.

Tips on Choosing Highest Converting ClickBank Product-

In the, previous blog post of my affiliate marketing guide series I talk about How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Loosing Money, in that blog post I have provided very good tips and tricks you must read that article, otherwise you will miss a gem in affiliate marketing.

Well, there are few ClickBank hot product means those are converting extremely well these days, but for choosing hot product anytime let me give a tips on this.

Actually, ClickBank have a feature, by looking at that feature you can easily understand. i.e. gravity, more gravity means more converting product, actually ClickBank gravity is calculating through number of sells of the product on every 8 weeks, if an affiliate sold a product or many products then the product would have one gravity.

Here is the advice for you, before promoting a ClickBank product on your blog, try to find out your blog readers interest then choose a product related to your blog content, but there is not rule for promoting evergreen product on blog.

Like make money online and of course health related product, since years I am seeing these niches are extremely hot, I mean these niches products are converting well, all the time and almost any type of traffic as well as location, I mean think about it who does not want to earn money, even how many very fat people do not want to loose weight, here ClickBank start making money for you.

Mistakes You Are Going to Make If You Are not a Blogger-

As a beginner to ClickBank you are going to make lots of mistakes, every mistakes are not bad for you here, but the big mistake you are going to make, here I am going to discuss with you.

That is making list.

List building mean making a list of e-mail addresses, see when you are going to promote a product, do not let the traffic to land on the sells page of the product directly, it will not loose traffic as well as you will loose one big source of earning.

See, if you are a blogger, then write a killer review about the product and then link with banner you are showing on your blog, okay.

If you are going to promote a product on other network then I have very good tips for you, first collect e-mail address of the person before landing on the page of the product, here is simple reason behind this, everyone is not going to buy the product, but it is for sure the person interested in that product, that means in the future if you will any similar product then you can make money easily.

Affiliate marketing is one of the big gold mine in the internet for marketer as well as for vendors, but you need to put it in the right media.

I mean no matter what you are? But you need to produce right product as well as you need to promote right product, right product means which is give value to its customer.

Is there anything else you want to know about Affiliate Marketing?