Building Back links pros and cons
Building links for blog is good but paid links in blogging- I don't prefer any one, because link building is a naturally thing which will can increase if you will do something problem solving through your blog for people those are searching on the net.

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If you don't have anything to share then share what you are learning daily that will make you more help you to build links of your blog, one more thing, I would like to share do keyword research every time before going to decide title name of the blog post.

Here are few reasons for you to not pay even single penny for buying links, in this article I will tell you even some real tips to build links for your blog.

That's true but the thing is that you have to give little bit time yes, you have to give time. "If you wanna get some thing then you have to give time", so keep reading!

I don't want your money, I want you to give time to your blog to improve your ranking and improve revenue that's I have created this blog.

Let It Build Naturally- the Best

Links of your blog will increase if only, you will write the content as you know the best, if you don't know then learn it.

Just for an example if Facebook bought links then how much they needed to pay even then they can not be here, where they are right  now.

I know you are thinking, you don't have social network, I know that but even than with time it would be work like miracle.

Yes like miracle, you just need to keep going with full effort.

Comments and Do Link Exchange

Commenting on other blogs really old is gold tricks but still you are not going to get ton visitors, according to me you must give first preference to your blog post.

Yes in blogging content is every thing.

Ask other bloggers to do link exchange with their blog, try definitely some one will agree to do this, first make plan for next 6 months what you want to get out of your blog and stay with the plan.

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Always Write a Content Which will Encourage People to Do Share

Yes, it is really work in blogging even sometimes I do share on my profile other contents because I like the post that's why.

This will help to build real links.

Remember, If you are writing great contents then no one, yes no one can stop you to become a next level blogger, make sure you are doing something different as well as useful.

Use Social Media to Share About Your Article

Yes always use social media subscriber bottom to your blog, to improve your page views and that's why you can notify your subscribers about your new post.

And whenever you write any new article then notify them in this way to they will be in contact with blog and which is really important in blogging.

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Yes, if you have Money then Start Running an Affiliate Programs

This is the great way to build back links and also increase your revenue but first create a good value product that's why other bloggers will promote the product.

I have seen bloggers those make more money from such type of offer, even I am planning for these, that's why I have tested on beta level, I have first launch my first e-book earn money online and I have used Insatamojo for this.

It is my great experience, soon I am going to do many things more for my blog readers as well as for the blog-o-sphere

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I know bloggers those loosed their traffic because of buying cheap sources of traffic, I don't want this will not happen to my blog readers, even I loose my blog search engine visibility because of sudden changes of links from do-follow to no-follow.

So, before going to do any change to your established blog, search first and get an idea from blog posts then go for the change otherwise you can loose your online business, if you did not find any good result then try it on your small blog then go for the major one.

Is there anything you would you like to know about link building?